Issue #85


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Tiina Kasvi

Video Interview with Cover Model Tiina Kasvi

Tiina Kasvi, Ericka Underwood, Fern Assard, Jami Debernard, Kamla Macko

Video Interview with Amateur Physique Makayla Ring

Product of the Month
by Heather Hirmer

From Novice to Pro in 10 Weeks
by Ashley Chapps

Video Interview with Pro Bikini Amanda Iannelli


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

The Arnold Classic is coming up and our promotion is ending on Feb 24, 2012. There will be only one winner! So go to www.fitbodyexpert.com and register as a model now and upload some images! Then email me at jc@hardfitness.com for more details.

How to work a booth

Models out there, if you are wondering how to work a booth this is the editorial you need to read. The bigger the expo the higher the chances that you can be hired, but also the more expensive the booth is for vendors the lower the budget will be for models. For example, the Arnold classic is less expensive with its booth prices than Olympia but also getting to Ohio is more expensive than Las Vegas. Hotels are expensive in Ohio but super cheap in Las Vegas.

Look at companies' facebook or twitter pages, they might be hiring models or will have a bit more info about their booth out there. Consider that most companies have budgets so don't expect for them to hire you if they don't even know you. Models are a dime a dozen when it comes down to this and guess what... you are replaceable! This means that any model that is kinda fit even skinny (local models) will get the gig because they just have to be paid per day and no hotel or flight. Consider going by yourself and paying your own flight and hotel. Leave the boyfriend and not so hot female friend at home. No company wants to deal with someone they can't use.

Offer to work for free during expo weekend, everyone needs extra help at a booth. After that send them a proper resume and hope to hear back from them soon. Trust me when it comes down to booth work being responsible is a higher priority than looks or a pro card.

Try to always secure a contract for the year, if not at least a contract for the booth work. Be aware that most supplement companies are not well versed with contracts or legal matters given that some of the founders are bodybuilders rather than business men.

Remember to always work harder than the others that usually shows companies that you will work hard at their booth.

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