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by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Sasha Brown

Video Interview with Amateur Figure and Cover Model Sasha Brown

Elite Fitness & Figure Newsletter
by Greg Hasberry

Sasha Brown, Jasmine Ueke, Kayce Gorman, Melissa Marx & Patty Farrow

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Desiree Larios

Face to Face with Lyubov Dreskova
by Alexander Timoshenko

Video Interview with Amateur Figure April Botelho


Face to face with Lyubov Dreskova by Alexander Timoshenko

A question to a journalist: do you take  an interview or do you hold an interview. Answer: I take an interview. Journalists always take it, even if they don’t want to give it.

Photo by: Alexander Timoshenko

Courage and ambition to be different– these qualities raise uncommon people to incredible heights. . Lyubov Dreskova is uncommon, uncommon in her beauty. In sport, where athletic beauty is glory, nowadays we are all witnesses of a little miracle. All we know about this athlete: her victories, criticism and praise – all these are motivations for not only bodybuilders, but for people unrelated to that sport, as well.  You can disagree with all this, and have a different view of things, but I still say, Lyubov has only one duty: to be herself, Lyubov Dreskova.

Hardfitness: First of all, let me congratulate you with the successful beginning of the competitive season and with such a beautiful cover in our “Hercules” magazine. . Today you are the reason for much talk and conversations. Was your triumph at the Russian Cup in St.Petersburg  a surprise for you?

Lyubov Dreskova: Thank you. Actually, the whole last year was surprising for me. Believe me, i couldn’t even dream about any magazine’s covers couple years ago. Except for.. maybe.. very deep in my soul. As for body-fitness competitions, the hardest for me was to prepare for the show and to try different techniques and diets. It is very hard: to set the record straight and confess to myself that still there were many things to improve. It is so exciting to win body-fitness in my category in the above 168 cm category.  Frankly speaking, I enjoy every competition and think positive about each of them. Im proud and grateful at the same time.

Hardfitness: why the body-fitness nomination?

Photo by: Alexander Timoshenko

Lyubov Dreskova: first of all, I'm very thankful to body-fitness as a sport.  The effort of reaching that level was an absorbing and difficult process. Who knows? Maybe it will open for me new doors and opportunities. In some ways, to be on a stage is to create my own reality, where I exist. Competing, I become more self-confident, which helps me to wish for more and more and to be sure that I can achieve everything. Body-fitness has a great potential for development and improvements for anyone involved in it. Here is my choice. I believe that the more public attention body-fitness athletes attract, the more opportunities for success we all have. Body-fitness is something more than just a toned body, that is why I try to attend to other aspects of my performance. I am my own hardest judge because I know what I am capable of and what is the most important for me. I strive for improvement and the day will come when all the small pieces of my body and my inner world will blend into a beautiful unit.

Hardfitness: why did you choose body-fitness? Did you have any idol or maybe you followed somebody’s example?

Lyubov Dreskova: I was rising, rising and finally arrived. I had everything: the power lifting Master of Sports title, model business. I’ll answer you this way: I had been searching   and body-fitness found me. And, of course, I 've been helped to find it, too. I tried to shape myself following the examples of successful women, who have beauty, athletic body, ambitions and a positive way of thinking.
I don’t idolize anyone, but I like many athletes: Amanda Latona, Dina Al-Sabah, Natalia Melo.

Hardfitness: Lyubov, do you have anything to surprise our readers with?

Lyubov Dreskova: frankly speaking, I don’t like to make surprises, but I like to be surprised. I am fond of sculpture and graduated from art college. My teachers say I was one of the most promising graduating students. I cant judge myself , but I know that I'm good at creating  human forms.  When you create a sculpture, as   in sport , you have to know anatomy. It helps to shape your own body to know how to form another’s body. I’ll try to surprise you, now. My senior project was a boy with a flute. They promised to make  it in plaster, but it is still made in  clay  in the college yard, and this is my surprise (laughs).

Hardfitness: the judging. What do you think about it and how does it feel to be in the eye of judges?

Lyubov Dreskova: I think, that each athlete’s individuality lets judges distinguish and remember everyone. However,  there are so many athletes on the stage, so some of them stay unnoticed, even if they are in a perfect shape. Judging is a hard job. Seems like it is easy, your task is just to choose the most attractive body. But athletes have only 20 seconds and 4 poses to perform themselves.  it is not enough time and information for the judges  , and the spectators  don’t see everything we are capable of.
It's good that now there  is  a self-presentation round. A short performance and starting off with some individual poses seem to be a good way to create your image and allow for self-expression. It helps judges to distinguish and remember each athleteঀ I try to perform something artistic (but in the framework of the rules), so that it was more interesting to compete and for those watching the competition.

Hardfitness: Lyubov, an off topic question:Share with us your cooking secrets, give our readers a chance to understand what a delicious diet an athlete’s diet can be.

Photo by: Alexander Timoshenko

Lyubov Dreskova: I really like to cook, especially if the food is healthy. Why not, if it helps to vary your ration. For example, a jelly recipe. 4 packs of gelatin,  put it in a glass of water. Mix with 4 cups of  fruit tea and  sugar substitute.  put it into a  microwave until it dissolves. Put an orange wedge and a handful of frozen berries on the bottom of a plate, coat it with gelatin and put the plate in the freezer for 15 minutes.

Hardfitness: What other interests do you have besides sport?

Lyubov Dreskova: everything I like to do is connected to my family, to my husband, and only after that with championships. Someday I’d like to do  a culinary video or even a TV show. I am good at drawing and I like to design sport’s wear. It is hard to tell, if it will become the business of my life, but now I dedicate a lot of time to it. I paint, I sew swimsuits, practice shamanism. It is the variety  that makes our life interesting, isn’t it?

Hardfitness: Lyubov, what does practice shamanism mean?

Lyubov Dreskova: it means, yoga with all the consequences. . For example, with the help of yoga I solved the problems with my spine.

Hardfitness: What does your husband think about your enthusiasm towards sport?

L: Ask him.  In the first place I am a woman. Sport is only one aspect of my way of life and I am not planning to turn it into a profession.

Hardfitness: Let’s get back to sports (our magazine is about sports, isn’t it?). How did you feel at the moment you achieved your goals in fitness?

Photo by: Alexander Timoshenko

L: Can I do shamanism? I know I can (smiles). The victory comes from inside and regardless of the amount of my bad qualities. I show my good qualities and all the self-confidence I have. If you think that they see all your flaws, you inevitably will draw attention to it. To be in good shape by the time of the performance is an art and hard work. But still you will always be far from perfection. I work with everything I have at the moment. And I accept the fact that there always will be those who don’t like me. People have their own opinion. By what I try to do is to follow my heart and listen to my instincts while preparing for the competitions. Of course all this done under supervision and with the guidance of my coach. And I never take the path of expecting victory. I don’t need disappointments. Keep real goals, your own values, and you always get a positive experience regardless of the rank you win. For me competition is a road, a process; and the victory is a Victory.
hardfitness: Is there anybody special whom you’d like to thank for the help?

L: of course its my husband Grigory. Although he is really busy, he always postpones all his business and comes with me to the competitions. I want to thank him for his patience and for being by my side. I also want to thank my coach, manager and promoter Sasha Timoshenko. He sincerely loves what he does, though his job is far away from sport (its insurance service). I want to thank him for his indispensable experience in training and for his aesthetic appreciation of a woman’s body, and not about sex, either; for he loves what he does and for his valuable direction for me and all those who had a chance to deal with him.

Hardfitness: In your opinion, what else, new and fresh, should be brought to Hercules?

L: More bright pictures, a double-page spread featuring women, like in old M&F magazines. It will draw attention. Hercules doesn’t have girls columns, and its not a matter of what-to-eat-to-be-fit articles, but a matter of something more humane and harmonious. That’s what attracts readers and it is a fact that women buy everything in larger amounts, including magazines.

Do you have any message or comment that you would like to bring to the attention of your numerous fans?

L: Dare to dream! Every day eagerly and persistently press for your dream. Try to improve yourself as much as you can.

Photo by: Alexander Timoshenko

Hardfitness: Thank you so much, Lyubov! We’ll impatiently wait for your appearance on the stage.

L: And very soon you’ll see, on the Europe Championship in Tyumen I will perform as a member of the Russian national team in fitness-bikini  competition, which is new to me and to the Federation. I tested my strength at the Russian Cup and I enjoyed it extremely.






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