Issue #79


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Sasha Brown

Video Interview with Amateur Figure and Cover Model Sasha Brown

Elite Fitness & Figure Newsletter
by Greg Hasberry

Sasha Brown, Jasmine Ueke, Kayce Gorman, Melissa Marx & Patty Farrow

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Desiree Larios

Face to Face with Lyubov Dreskova
by Alexander Timoshenko

Video Interview with Amateur Figure April Botelho


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

The year is going faster and faster, and Olympia show is coming up. So all the models that are looking for work please email your resume to jc@hardfitness.com

People ask me how do they get their foot in the door? Well first step is to understand that my business model is related to photography so doing a shoot with myself is probably a good idea. The last Vegas trip July 28-31 there was 20 photoshoots completed so those are 20 models that have a higher chance in working the booth. Some models missed the shoot so therefore they probably lost the chance to work the booth at this coming Olympia as there are hundreds of models that have emailed already and are willing to work the booth and have already done the shoots.

Models need to get on the ball and try to email the right people in order to make connections. Olympia spots are open but there was some great models in Vegas that did shoots and potentially will be hired. So to all models, get on the ball and setup your shoots!

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