Issue #77


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Theresa Orsini

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Theresa Orsini

Elite Fitness & Figure Newsletter
by Greg Hasberry

Theresa Orsini, Amber Milenkoff, Sarah Hoots, Bailey Shuck & Chazz Anderson

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Sarah Hoots

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Lisa Watson


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Modeling Experience

Possibly the biggest thing in the modeling world is to have experience. There are two things that make a model which is her market value and modeling experience. The fitness industry is a very strange world, most women that compete and place high for some odd reason believe that one article or cover on a fitness magazine automatically makes them experienced models and great models that need to be paid. Well in the real world, fitness magazine are a niche, smaller than a fetish.

I have had the pleasure in working with amazing models that have plenty of experience in different types of modeling industries and those are really the ones I can remember as some of the best shoots, most professional and the ones that always get more and more work. There are great looking women in the fitness industry that have 1 or 2 shoots under their belt but they don't seem to realize that they really aren't someone experienced. Even if those 2 shoots are fitness magazines, which some of them don't pay at all or pay much less than other modeling gigs. Of course some women just want to model for print magazines and keep their real jobs and don't have time for more. Each person needs to make their own decisions, other models while they compete will shoot with anyone as long as they get paid and that offsets the costs for their competition.

Modeling can do many things for you besides generate money, it will help you with onstage performance, confidence and ability to get booth work as well. Promotion is something you have to do on your own in order to get photoshoots, booth work and possibly sponsorships. Supplement companies are very swayed by placings in a show but they soon realize as they go bankrupt that a great model with confidence and experience will sell more than the top winner of a show who has no idea how to handle fans and sales for the company.

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