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by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Theresa Orsini

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Theresa Orsini

Elite Fitness & Figure Newsletter
by Greg Hasberry

Theresa Orsini, Amber Milenkoff, Sarah Hoots, Bailey Shuck & Chazz Anderson

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Sarah Hoots

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Lisa Watson


Following Your Competitive Progressions…
by Gregory Hasberry

The process of “ Following Your Progressions” in the NPC ( National Physique Committee) and the IFBB ( International Federation of Bodybuilding) can be a tricky and painful road if certain steps are not adhered to and taken seriously. There are very FEW one hit wonders... An old, silly, but very wise statement says “ Just because it comes in your size does not mean that you should buy it!!!!!” I bet you're reading this a scratching your head wondering what is Greg referring too. In the following paragraphs I'm gonna do my best to explain ..
Lets cover the local and regional level contests as well as Jr. class progressions. With regards to my clientele, the majority of you consist compete in womens figure, fitness, and bikini division with only a few of you doing physique and bodybuilding.

• Jr division classification winners automatically move on to the open divisions.
o Open division classification competitors with aspirations on competing on the National level MUST win their classes or place 2nd.
• Per NPC (National Physique committee) sanctioned national qualifier standards for figure top 5 competitors qualify for Jr USA , Jr Nationals and North Americans.
• Top 2 qualify for the previously mentioned National level competitions and also include USA championships, Team Universe and Nationals.

Ok Now ! What the heck does this mean for you guys?! Elite has its own philosophy with regards to qualifications and following your competitive progressions toward the ultimate goal of attaining your professional status.. Many of you have heard me speak of SIGNATURE shows. These particular venues allow you, the competitor, the chance to seen by National level judges and receive critiques and name recognition that can only help you once you step onto the larger pro qualifier events.
The Southeastern region affords us some of the industries best competitions. I'll name a few and yes you can bank and consider these Greg endorsed venues...

• April – Europa – Orlando, Florida – non qualifier but GREAT exposure show!
• May – Southern USA – Panama City Beach
• June – Southeastern Golds Classic – Gadsden, Alabama, Southern Classic – Jackson , Mississippi
• July – Southern States – Ft . Lauderdale , Florida
• August – Europa – Arlington ( Dallas ,Texas)
• October – Southeastern USA's – Orlando , Florida
• November – All South – St Augustine, Florida, Hurricane Bay – Tampa Florida, South Florida championships – Miami, Florida
Most of these contest are National Qualifiers open to competitors from across the United States and are widely known for producing some of the industries top talent …
Quality wins at signature shows give you a major leg up on what the judges are looking for !

Elite Competitors Jody and Nicki Williams are expecting the birth of their fourth baby...Both will be back to the competitive stage in 2012!!!
Upcoming Shows…
April 30th Europa Show of Champions in Orlando FL- Josie, Kira and Robin.
May 7th Steelworld in Mobile, AL

Diet trick of the week: 3 weeks out and I felt a little dull so I bought Pink Peppercorns. If you make food colorful it feels like you are getting a treat 
Workout tip of the week: Get a weight belt. As your diet gets tougher, your cardio increases, and your energy dips, DON’T sacrifice your form or put yourself in danger. I think my weight belt was about $15 bucks from a sporting goods store and I wear it for my full workout...it doesn’t fix any already occurring problems but it helps prevent new ones especially when we feel weak those last workouts before a show.
Tips and Tricks

Eating on the go? Whole foods grocery prepared food section offers multiple offseason and pre-contest food selections when you re in a time crunch…Earth Fare and Fresh Market also offer great prepared food sections

Upcoming Events…
April 23rd!!! Mrs. Figure Olympia- Erin Stern is hosting a posing seminar and question session. Im all signed up at ready to represent Elite so if anyone has any questions that they want me to ask…please let me know.

Email me: josielynn1214@yahoo.com or text 850.797.0600

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