Issue #72


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Amanda Quinlan

Video Interview with Amateur Bodybuilder Jill Theobald

Kim's Kounseling Korner
by Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with Amateur Bodybuilder Cassandra Wilson

Amanda Quinlan, Valerie Torres, Yvonne Van Der Horst, Raquel Hernandez Del Olmo

Daniela Santarelli Argentina Amateur Figure Interview


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

A Different type of Booth

In the last few major shows in the fitness industry, certain companies have opted to eliminate their large booths with a myriad of girls walking around in their sexy form fitting outfits. There has been a few companies that have rented a large conference room at an adjacent hotel and have alerted all their contact and distributors to attend that conference room in order to get product information and possible distribution deals.

Let's face it a booth at a public event is hard to talk business and putting time together later on in the day is impossible at these shows. So some of these companies are really inking great deals by traversing their business to a more quiet environment. Fans aren't going to really be able to get those free samples which is a huge cost but they are going to eliminate a large amount of expense.

Now will all companies do this? Probably not, but it will be a trend in some larger companies that have very large booths. They are already well known with the fans but getting better distribution deals is gonna be their priority. Models looking for work at booths will surely have more trouble getting it and surely sponsorship from supplement companies will be lower. Anyway most women that have sponsorships from supplement companies are going to be getting only product and maybe only maybe working many hours of product demos.

So start getting ready for this trend, one company already is doing it and a few more will be doing it too.

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