Issue #72


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Amanda Quinlan

Video Interview with Amateur Bodybuilder Jill Theobald

Kim's Kounseling Korner
by Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with Amateur Bodybuilder Cassandra Wilson

Amanda Quinlan, Valerie Torres, Yvonne Van Der Horst, Raquel Hernandez Del Olmo

Daniela Santarelli Argentina Amateur Figure Interview


Interview with Argentina Amateur Figure Daniela Santarelli

Daniela Santarelli

1. How did you get started into figure?

I started in 1996. I was living in Brazil, competing on triathlon when my sister calls me and she said that there would be a competition of Fitness in Asunción, Paraguay. She told me I had many chances to win. So I went to Asunción, I trained for months in the choreography, a bit of muscle, and finally I won the competition!

2. Did you find any opposition in any way for you to compete at your first show?

The obstacle I found was in the choreography, because I come from sports like basketball, running, triathlon and not just from the gym.

3. Was there anything interesting happening on your first show?

Well, the most beautiful and remarkable from my first competition, it was the fact that my sister gave me the trophy, because she was the previous champion. That was very exciting for me.

Daniela Santarelli

4.  What are your goals in the industry?

My goals are to continue competing at international levels: south america, world championships, and others privates events like the Arnold Classic. Became a World Champion someday. Take my career getting sponsors and commercial contracts, whether as an advertising model or brand image related to fitness.  

5. What do you think of figure at this point?

I think they're great growth and are becoming more adepts, more athletes and more fans following closely every event. 

6. What is your off season diet consist of?

It consist of a healthy diet with fruits, yogurt, cereals, chicken, meal, fish, vegetables, rice, etc. I don't worry about the diet because I always eat healthy.

7. What are some key factors in a contest prep you have seen others fail to achieve?

The key factors are the psychological aspect and the tuning factor.

Daniela Santarelli

8. Tell us a little a bit about yourself?

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on september 04, 1969. My father is french and my mother is paraguayan, have two sisters and two brothers. I have a nine years old daughter who is my reason to live. I have a degree in physical education, I working like personal trainer from 14 years. I'm four times South American champion Fitness. I always practiced competitive sports like basketball, running, triathlon, adventures competition, and more. I love the beach, sea, sun, nature. I'm a sociable person, I love being with my family and friends.

9. What are some major obstacles that you have overcome?

Well, this year I got back on the competitions, since I had definitely decided to stop in 2006. It was difficult to return after four years, especially because I have a very high hourly load. Being a single mother makes things a little more difficult too.

10. What do you do for a living as of now?

I'm a personal trainer, and I have a routine service through mobile phones.

Daniela Santarelli

11. What reactions do you get from people where you live?

Admiration, respect and recognition. Sometimes jealousy, for being a successful and determine person.

12. What are some of your hobbies?

Go to the cinema, sunbathing, being with friends, do outdoor activities like cycling, eco adventure, and more.

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