Issue #64


by Juan Carlos Lope

2010 Emerald Cup Photos and Results

20 Questions with Cover Model Stefanie Bambrough

Video Interview with NPC Figure Myschon Bales

Kim's Kounseling Korner
by Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with NPC Figure Julie Lee

Stefanie Bambrough, Monica Mark, Cheri Nguyen, Nicole Pearson & Nicoleta Chiorean

Elite Fitness and Figure Newsletter
by Greg Hasberry

Michelle Ould Photoshoot
by Michelle Ould

Video Interview with Canada Bodybuilder Carla Alambre

Interview with Minna Pajulahti
by Anne Pietila



Elite Fitness and Figure Newsletter: Moment of Awakening by Greg Hasberry

Every competitor has that Moment of Awakening . What that means to one may have little or an extreme meaning to another. What you do with that motivational effort is pivotal towards reaching your personal competitive goals. As a competitor / trainer I find that you have to have first these five things .

DESIRE  an intense inclination to want things; the standard model of human motivation is that it takes a desire and a belief 
REINFORCE anything following an action which tends to increase the probability of that action occurring
EFFORT exertion of the strength or will; earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something
ATTITUDE state of mind or a feeling; an evaluative response, usually contrasted with simple belief by its more direct connection with motivation and behavior
MOTIVATION the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction; to do whatever is necessary to bring about an imagined state

Life becomes more meaningful when you set out to make progress. You will come to realize that you have more than exceeded your expectations.

Getting started? With the  desire to “DO”. You may not have a course of action yet, training  has a way of guiding you so long as you decide to move forward! Once you begin , most of us find that our only limitations are your negative beliefs. Formulate a plan, remember the reason why you are walking this path yourself. This will serve as your fuel. Make it powerful. Believe in your dream and see it through.

Plan out your prep. Develop a balanced plan , a complete blueprint will give you a high likelihood for success. Once you create it put it into action. Put it in writing. Start by envisioning the end then announce it to the world.

positive thinking! “Think it and be it.” Don’t sell yourself short.  Dream to be fit. It’s in you. Bring GOALS alive by putting them out for the world to see !!

"We are often plagued in society by an all-or-nothing attitude in most aspects of life. You are the best or you are not- there is no in-between. This attitude is not the product of genes; it is the product of a culture that is more focused on winning than it is on inner motivation." -  Robin Fountain-Harris (Mother of 2 !,  NPC competitor , Division 1 collegiate athlete)

"To Succeed... You need to find something to hold on to,something to motivate you, something to inspire you."   - Tony Dorsett - ( NFL hall of fame running back)

Gregory Hasberry
205-370-6225 cell number
Elite fitness and figure.com LLC


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