Issue #64


by Juan Carlos Lope

2010 Emerald Cup Photos and Results

20 Questions with Cover Model Stefanie Bambrough

Video Interview with NPC Figure Myschon Bales

Kim's Kounseling Korner
by Kimberly Martin

Video Interview with NPC Figure Julie Lee

Stefanie Bambrough, Monica Mark, Cheri Nguyen, Nicole Pearson & Nicoleta Chiorean

Elite Fitness and Figure Newsletter
by Greg Hasberry

Michelle Ould Photoshoot
by Michelle Ould

Video Interview with Canada Bodybuilder Carla Alambre

Interview with Minna Pajulahti
by Anne Pietila



Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Market Value and Promotion

To most female competitors the fitness industry is just a hobby, I believe only a handful of females receive a certain income from this industry and its usually not in the form of modeling which is what most people would think it would be. Selling suits, training people, promoting events, make up you name it anything other than showing off their number one attribute makes them money: their body.

Fitness models come and go and won't last too long specially if they don't know how to take care of their market value. Some of the most well known fitness models now, are not making any money or almost no money. They don't make their own money, just have someone else pay them and that way they will never make any money. Being an employee as a model in the fitness industry translates to almost no money. Being an employer is a different story, but don't think that is the key. Many supplement companies are in red numbers and are not doing well they simply appear to do well. Operating on loans and making no money back is not a good idea, traveling and bringing staff to events and not making money back is also foolish specially if there is no product to sell at events.

More to come on next editorial...

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