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by Juan Carlos Lope

2008 Olympia Photos and Results

2008 Olympia

2008 Atlantic
City Photos, Results and Review

20 Questions with Cover Model Jackie Roberts

Stina Telhammer (Sweden) Interview
by Anne Pietila

Jackie Roberts, Karen Choat, Amy Pierro, Jenna Boyer, Deanna Harvick

Video Interview with NPC Figure Staci Garcia

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Video Interview with NPC Figure Jennifer Jane

by Jean Jitomir

Video Interview
with NPC Figure Whitney Larson


2008 Olympia Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

Jennifer Gates

The big "O" came around very fast and after a year that many had said was not very good the Olympia was around the same albeit some surprises.

In the Figure side of things there was a very large number of them probably the largest I can remember. This is also due to the increased number of pro shows during the year. Jennifer Gates having come off a pro card in June at Jr. Nationals, Olympia qualified at NY Pro in September, win at Atlantic City pro and then winning the Olympia was fast. Jen had battled thru nationals a few years back and this year nailed the criteria they wanted. In second came Gina Aliotti who always looks in shape even when being smaller now. Zivile Raudoniene took 3rd and it was rather surprising given that she is a Lithuanian competitor. Jenny Lynn took 4th and this was to many a big surprise after having won 2 straight titles after Davana's reign. Mary Lado made her comeback and took 5th place. There were a few new names on the roster for this year and all with different looks. So it was a mix of bodies and names from there on.

Jen Hendershott

Fitness had only 14 competitors, Jen Hendershott took the title after Adela being out from the Olympia due to an injury. Hendershott's routine was excellent with very precise movements and her exciting choreography. In second was Tracey Greenwood who is inching closer now to the top. Kim Scheideler took 3rd with a great routine as well. Julie Palmer took 4th and Tanji Johnson 5th place. Among other things Mindi O'Brien and Erin Riley were shinning stars with their very athletic routines and physiques. Always good to see these types of bodies on stage at such an important event.

Iris Kyle

For the Bodybuilding Iris Kyle took the title again she looked very ripped and has that balance to add things up. Betty Adkins crept up on second place with a very classy and elegant body. Betty does seem to bring in an air of sex appeal and perhaps for the next years someone like her will be champion. In third place Yaxeni Oriquen looking good as well and in 4th place was Lisa Aukland who was a audience favorite as they didn't approve of this placing with boos. In 5th was Dayana Cadeau which also was a crowd favorite given her last year's placings. In 6th place Cathy LeFrancois was another competitor that will be doing very well if the criteria veers towards more sex appeal. Another competitor that comes to mind is Debi Laszewski who has a great balance, conditioning and sex appeal. These competitors in the long run will hopefully be rewarded for this.

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