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by Juan Carlos Lope

2008 Olympia Photos and Results

2008 Olympia

2008 Atlantic
City Photos, Results and Review

20 Questions with Cover Model Jackie Roberts

Stina Telhammer (Sweden) Interview
by Anne Pietila

Jackie Roberts, Karen Choat, Amy Pierro, Jenna Boyer, Deanna Harvick

Video Interview with NPC Figure Staci Garcia

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Video Interview with NPC Figure Jennifer Jane

by Jean Jitomir

Video Interview
with NPC Figure Whitney Larson


2008 Atlantic City Pro Results, Photos and Results by Tomoko Kanda


IFBB Pro Figure
IFBB Pro Fitness

1. Jennifer Gates*
2. Amy Fry*
3. Jane Awad*

4. Desha Rodriguez
5. Kristen Gomes
6. Krissy Chin
7. Tana Clough
8. Candice John
9. Elisha Archibald
10. Larissa Reis
11. Melissa Frabbiele
12. Tivisay Briceno
13. Juliana Malacarne
14. Stephanie Togrul-Tulin
15. Kate Shelby
16. Jacqui Jarrett
16. Allison Jones-Williams
16. Erica Fuerst
16. Aprille DeShield
16. Becky Clawson
16. Susanne Bock
16. Irina Veselova
16. Rosalind Vanterpool
16. Anna Kerr
16. Lydia Haskell
16. Thais Cabrices
16. Rosa-Maria Romero

1. Christine Wan
2. Melissa Frabbiele
3. Tivisay Briceno
4. Juliana Malacarne
5. Jeanette Kolonias
6. Stephanie Togrul-Tulin
7. Kate Shelby
8. Rosalind Vanterpool
9. Lydia Haskell
10. Susanne Bock
11. Anna Kerr
12. Irina Veselova
13. Thais Cabrices

* Qualifies for the Olympia

1. Tracey Greenwood*
2. Mindi OBrien*
3. Laticia Jackson*

4. Myriam Capes
5. Bethany Wagner
6. Donna Jones
7. Brenda Santiago
8. Michelle Mayberry
9. Marnie Holley
10. Shannon Dey
11. Leslierae Newton
12. Stacy Simons
13. Jennifer Cassetty
14. Mandy Polk

* Qualifies for the Olympia

NPC Figure
IFBB Pro Bodybuilding
Overall: Christine Gonzalez  

Class A
1. Christine Gonzalez
2. Karen Neal

Class B
1. Shelly Albetta
2. Nicole Huss
3. Betsy Albetta

Class C
1. Lisa Madison
2. Sandra Williams
3. Esmeralda Saxenian
4. Rolanda Klyre
5. Laurie Khan
6. Tresie Wallace

Class D
1. Gayle Hoffman
2. Dena Vjennair
3. Shannon Trimble
4. Alexis Pratt

Class E
1. Charlene Ferderbar
2. Vivian Hatzimanolis

Class F
1. Kesha Hutton

1. Lisa Aukland*
2. Mah Ann Mendoza*
3. Betty Adkins*
4. Marja Lehtonen
5. Kim Buck
6. Isabelle Turell
7. Annie Rivieccio
8. Charlotte Collins
9. Emery Miller
10. Angela Debatin
11. Carla Salotti
12. Irene Andersen
13. Maria Calo
14. Jana Linke-Sippl
15. Mercedes Bazemore
16. Mary Jerumbo
16. Melanie Derosa
16. Aurelia Grozajova

* Qualifies for the Olympia

This year the Atlantic City Pro show saw a venue change to Trump Marina Casino Hotel, hopefully they will stick with it for next year as the show took place in a spacious auditorium, reminiscent of the 07 Nationals, and it was a very short walk away from the elevators and not though the hundreds of slot machines and their occupants.  There were a few booths in the hall just before the entrance and of course inside the event from the industry giants like Muscular Development and Bodybuilding.com.

This year the show a great lineup with many veteran competitors such as Lisa Aukland who had great combination of size, symmetry and conditioning, and newcomers like Isabelle Turell who was coming off her win at the USA, a tad bit smoother but possessing perhaps the best v-taper in the show (and that's saying a lot with the likes of Betty Adkins and Kim Buck in the show). During the pre-judging it was clear that the judges like Lisa Aukland (it was very easy to do) and Betty Viana and Mah-Ann were heavy in the mix.
Lisa stood firm and defended her title once again making it the 3rd time she won this show and is more then ready to take on the Olympia.

My comments for top 5

Lisa definitely came prepared do defend her title.  No one in the show (or perhaps the sport…well maybe Iris) could match calves with Lisa and her overall size and conditioning were outstanding, particularly her lower body.  It was clear Lisa paid special attention to her shoulders and back, as her rear double biceps clearly showed the most muscularity of anyone on stage.

Mah-Ann was a bit of a surprise, as she is not as big as Lisa or Betty but possesses a pleasing shape and great conditioning, particularly in her back-glute-hamstring poses (which the judges liked in this show). Mah-Ann has very flowing lines, good symmetry and a great v-taper.

Betty Adkins came in to this show markedly sharper this year, not her 100% but very impressive considering that she perhaps had the best combination of shape and size in the show. With great proportions and small joints Betty looked amazing. 

Marja Lehtonen came to this show looking sharp and big, while not as tall as some of the other competitors, Marja looked perhaps the most muscular in the show. With huge peaked arms and full separated quads, she definitely stood out on stage.  It’s a shame that the judges don’t place her higher as she definitely deserves to grace the Olympia stage once again.

Kim Buck looked a bit streamlined for this show; even though she carries a lot of muscle (and carries it well) she is on of the taller girls which puts her in a bit of a disadvantage when standing next to someone shorter but very dense and muscular like Lisa.  Kim has a something of a sprinters physique with a tiny waist, very broad shoulders, wide back and very full and dense quads. 

General comments:

Bodybuilding Top 5
1. Lisa Aukland  ( Lisa looks full and defined, every parts of body looks bigger than top 3. Her posing routine is very classy.)
2. Mah-ann Mendoza    ( Mah-ann  was so ripped and conditioned. Her back was so wide and defined, glutes and legs were improved, thickness as well.)  
3. Betty Adkins  (She was in great conditioning, small waist compared to the top 2, and outline was the best of all.) 
4. Marja Lehtonen  (Marja looked so vascular and dense, her muscle mass is so thick, her arms are peaked so high and her arms have a steep cut.) 
5.Kim Buck (Kim’s conditioning was great, her skin seems so nicely shined, deep definition and cut on her quad.)

Master’s Figure Top 5
1.Christine Wan (defined and moderately cut, her outline is well balanced.)    
2. Melissa Frabbiele (v taper, defined v-shape back)   
3. Tivisay Briceno (abs has steep cut, well defined, front posture is great v taper)    
4. Juliana Malacarne (muscle tone physique, well defined, legs nicely shaped)   
5. Jeanette Kolonias (awesome outline,  front upper body is well balanced)

Figure Top 5
1. Jennifer Gates ( nicely shaped, good definition and cut.)
2. Amy Fry (v-shape line is outstanding, her abs is very cut)   
3.Jane Awad  (beautiful physique,  very balanced)
4.Desha Rodriguez  (great shape, small waist makes her beautifully v shaped)  
5. Kristin Gomez (awesome outline beautifully shaped)

Fitness Top 5
1. Tracey Greenwood (well conditioned, her routine is very high skilled, high jumping, speedy, impact.) 
2. Mindi Obrien (beautifully muscular body, her routine was high skilled gymnastics)
3.Laticia Jackson  (well defined physique, long arms long legs, that expresses on stage very well, outstanding routine, her flexibility is enormous) 
4.Myriam Capes (upper body is very well shaped and defined , her routine was so impressive, lots of jumps and impulsive movements her costume was so memorable) 
5.Bethany Wagner (v-shape, her legs are nicely defined, quads are muscular,  her routine was like air, so smoothly moves on stage that everyone was attracted to.


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