Issue #19


by Juan Carlos Lopez

2006 Team Universe and NYC Pro Photos and Results

2006 Team Universe and NYC Pro Review

2006 USA's Figure and Bodybuilding Photos and Results

2006 USA's Figure and Bodybuilding Review

2006 Tara Scotti After Party Photos and Review

20 Question with Cover Model: Jamie Senuk IFBB Figure Pro

Video Interview with Cover Model IFBB Figure Pro: Jamie Senuk

How to Stay Relaxed
by Kaisa Piippo

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Jamie Senuk, Heather McKinnon, Jeni Briscoe, Macey Boudreau & Serena Cooper

Femsport 2006
by JP Erickson

Journey to Jr. Nationals and Beyond Part 2
by Becky Clawson

Video Interview with CBBF Figure Charlene Akhurst

Pre-Post Canadian Nationals
by Charlene Akhurst

Handling Dissa- pointment with Grace
by Christie Sharun

Video Interview with CBBF Figure Kim Stefanski

From the Start
by Tina Kellog

Video Interview with CBBF Figure Christie Sharun


2006 Tara Scotti NYC Team Universe After Party by Juan Carlos Lopez

Once more the Tara Scotti After party proved a success. This is the second time around they have this offering and HardFitness has been there both times. This time we made it an official event with the same importance as the event Team Universe itself. The only difference is that you are a winner if you get home in one piece after the party. And perhaps some people get back home with a different type of trophy...

The party started probably around 11pm but I got there until close to 12:30am on Sunday. Left the premises around 3:30am last year it ended at 4am and everyone left at that time. This year though it seemed that the party would have ended perhaps 8am or later. People really enjoyed it and there was a lot more people.

Bodypaint!   Dina and Tara Rick McMillan and friend
Dancing It was dark... Kristal Tamee, Sonia and Jen
  Getting Hot! Dom! Traci Redding's back
Hotter! Hottest! BOOM! Annie Rivieccio and Melissa Froio
Still at it! Getting subdued !!!! Grace Rivera
Angela Komis Gene, Nicole Pitcher, Dom and Tara Taralicious more Tara!
Sonia and boyfriend Traci and Susan G Jodi WOW!
"Tasty" Another backshot It was getting late People still came in
Grace was just getting in Kim T. hits it up Tara is the one! Different girl now
Traci Redding shows her skills and her other skills... "oh yeah" "Gotcha"
The master Dom Our DJ one big guy Traci gets on stage
The Beast! "You are not leaving1" Jen has many guys "Excuse me?"
And Girls Susan and Jen Cowan Another "Menage a who?"
"Who are these two?"      


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