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by Juan Carlos Lopez

2006 Team Universe and NYC Pro Photos and Results

2006 Team Universe and NYC Pro Review

2006 USA's Figure and Bodybuilding Photos and Results

2006 USA's Figure and Bodybuilding Review

2006 Tara Scotti After Party Photos and Review

20 Question with Cover Model: Jamie Senuk IFBB Figure Pro

Video Interview with Cover Model IFBB Figure Pro: Jamie Senuk

How to Stay Relaxed
by Kaisa Piippo

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Jamie Senuk, Heather McKinnon, Jeni Briscoe, Macey Boudreau & Serena Cooper

Femsport 2006
by JP Erickson

Journey to Jr. Nationals and Beyond Part 2
by Becky Clawson

Video Interview with CBBF Figure Charlene Akhurst

Pre-Post Canadian Nationals
by Charlene Akhurst

Handling Dissa- pointment with Grace
by Christie Sharun

Video Interview with CBBF Figure Kim Stefanski

From the Start
by Tina Kellog

Video Interview with CBBF Figure Christie Sharun


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

After a myriad of shows every 15 days full of National level competitors both from Canada and the U.S. it all comes to a close until North Americans. HardFitness is going strong and thanks to all the competitors that have written articles and have spread the word about this site. Most people I meet which have never met before already know this site and its presence in cyberspace. Finally we are proud to present some scans of the latest Musclemag Mexico features on both sections "Hot Fitness" and "Fitness World".

Two Figure Divisions? Just a Rumor...

After Team Universe this year, several sources including competitors of all kinds and parts of the country began talking about the NPC splitting the figure into two divisions. One would cater to the more muscular competitors that wanted to come in better conditioned and the other one to the softer looking more model type competitors. This already happening in Mexico where you will be docked for being to hard if you compete in the bikini Division at Nationals there. It sounded like a real thing and made some sense to a certain point. How many competitors are discouraged with their placings? And how many want to quit now? Even if the judging was catered towards the more muscular, conditioned and balanced look people would still complain and we would be in the same boat. In Canada and Mexico girls who don't place well complain about the winners being too big and muscular and how they don't want to look like bodybuilders. In the U.S. the more developed physiques don't want to see a bikini contest up on stage.
So the whole rumor is just that a rumor started by someone who perhaps misunderstood information or simply wishful thinking on their part. I just talked to JM Manion who confirmed this as a rumor and nothing else. The NPC is NOT splitting figure into two classes, it will stay as it is.
In the last couple shows judges have been awarding tiny waists, good tapers and tight glute-ham tie area. This is not a bad thing to award but they also forget conditioning and overall balance. A small waist is just genetic and is hard to change over time but conditioning and bringing up muscle in the legs is something that can be changed. Don't know if this is the philosophy of the NPC but it makes sense in the long run but then again do you award the best physique on stage at that moment?

When do you Quit?

It has been clear that judging standards have changed a lot from what everyone else knew. Hitherto we all want to see what looks best be rewarded on stage and once someone goes up on stage we can tell if she looks good or not. Figure plays several factors including cut of the suit, hair, make up plus the basics regarding physique. Many girls say that they will stop competing when it is no longer fun. This is a great reason and makes a lot of sense but in the heat of the competition and afterwards people tend to take wrong decisions. Some great physiques have left the stage just because they feel they are not being rewarded. The biggest mistake you can do is leave the stage without being the best. Think about great stars such as Michael Jordan who left at the pinnacle of his career with the Bulls and then came back again and proved once more he was simply the best. You must look unbeatable at the show above and beyond everyone. If you don't win your class or the show and you thought you looked great get feedback from others, photographers, trainers and people around the industry and you will know. You should compete against yourself, every show improve on your weak points until you step on that stage and look perfect. Once you have showed the best physique on stage for several shows and still not get rewarded then you can consider quitting.

Ask Misty Green

We have a new section on HardFitness it is called: Ask Misty Green. Everyone knows that Misty has compete at National level and proven how great she looks on stage, off stage she also looks amazing in photoshoots. Then the other thing she brings to the table is a great attitude. Few competitors keep positive right after they have lost the class to someone that perhaps doesn't look as good in the general public's eye. Misty is just a bundle of positive energy, reminding me of Angie Semsch who is also a massive force of good. Misty also gets a lot of recognition from fellow competitors who are always asking questions about competition and industry. All this and together with Misty's ability to communicate and be very responsible we have dedicated a section to question and answer. For all competitors, feel free to ask Misty just about anything she'll be happy to answer your questions.


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