Issue #181


by Juan Carlos Lopez

20 Questions with Cover Model Loni Pfeil

Loni Pfeil, Sasha Brown, Theresa Shupe, Fernanda Camargo & Inna Wyatt

Overtraining and Declining Health and Fitness
by Tina Jo Orban

Video Interview with Cover Model Loni Pfeil


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Hello again, I've got another editorial for you! Let's talk about something that's on the horizon, NPC Nationals in November 2020.

It was recently announced that the Nationals competition will be moved from Miami to Orlando due to the higher rates of Covid-19 in Miami restricting the venue from hosting it. Another change is that the NPC is now promoting the show, instead of Pam Betz. It is still unclear whose decision this was, or if it is temporary because of the pandemic and the change to Orlando.

They are handing out the same number of pro cards and everything is the same, except the city and venue. I am happy about this, because I am planning on taking this opportunity for my photography business as usual, and to go to Orlando for it. It makes it easier knowing the location will be in a lower case rate area. I plan to wear my mask and respect all guidelines of the state and county, as well as making all of my models feel comfortable. We will probably try to stay outside as much as we can! I am looking foward to this, becuase it will be awesome to get some new shoots in!



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