Issue #128


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Kristen Davis

Video Interview with Amateur Physique Kat Cody

Kristen Davis, Ashley Arampatzis, Daniella Giofardino, Francesca Lauren & Mari Robles

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Dani Barbato

Hair Tip of the Month
by Lindsey Fowler

Video Interview with Amateur Physique Melissa Lovell


Hair Tip of the Month by Lindsey Fowler

Are you loosing your hair?

The average person looses 100 stands a day. There are many reasons why you may be experiencing hair loss. Are you swimming in chlorine or over processing your hair? You could have hypothyroidism, which also causes hair loss. A lot of people have dandruff but if it's turning into thick scaly patches it could be a sign of psoriasis. You could just be stressed from a divorce or job loss which can cause you to loose your hair. PCOS can also be another reason. Birth control pills and antidepressants are also a culprit. If you are not getting enough protein that could be a reason. Always consult your doctor if you think any of these things might be a reason for your hair loss.


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