Issue #125


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Amanda Brast

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Amanda Brast

Amanda Brast, Sarah Park, Valerie Garcia Giovanoli, Lexi Berriman & Tahiti Cora

Video Interview with Pro Bikini Meghan Duncan

Hair Tip of the Month
by Lindsay Fowler

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Assunta Catalano


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Summer time and shows are way too many! What to choose from you ask?

Well first of all think of this, a national level show will usually depend on your location. If you live in Miami, FL you will either do Team U or Nationals in Miami, perhaps Jr USA's. Just closer to your home makes sense. But then again what is the differences with judging from one national level to the other. All over the place but there is rumor east coast likes more muscular but then you see someone small win the east coast.

The best you can do is compete at 2 national shows per year and repeat them the next year, if you get feedback and your placings go up keep on doing them. Usually the same judges come to the same shows. Head judges are usually the same every year at show A or B. If you place high at a show top 5 do the same show again, perhaps even go to another new show to carry your momentum. But keep consistent on the shows you do. If you aren't doing better in the show you have been doing 3 years in a row and your body has improved switch shows. More tips to come.

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