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20 questions with our cover model: Julie Childs

Video Interview Cover Model: Julie Childs

Tamee Marie Interview after winning 2005 Carol Semple Figure classic

Gymnastics & Skills Pt. 1
by Linda Cusmano

Video Interview:
Ellen Partnoy

2005 NPC Nationals Experience by Alissa Carpio

Protein Intake
by Alex Galvez

Video Interview:
Corinna Frikken

Training Arms Part 2 by Kristi Wills

Back on Track
by Susan Groshek

Video Interview:
Waleska Granger

Sprint Workouts
by Misty Green

Interview with Tamee Marie winner of the Carol Semple Classic

Tamee Marie

1. In what shows did you compete this year?

Junior Nationals in June and the Carol Semple Classic just recently.

2. Please tell us about your win 2005 NPC Rocky Mountain Championships. What did you feel?

I've never felt anything like it before it was almost euphoric. I was shocked and honored just to win my height class, and to win the overall was completely overwhelming. I've worked so hard, but never felt like I’d done enough. I'm a perfectionist, so going into this show I felt like I could have pushed myself harder. Before the show I began to doubt myself thinking I could have done a few more reps on those lazy days when I couldn't get into it. I felt guilty for those extra cheat meals so close to the show, but this win just gave me the approval that all my hard work did paid off. I felt very proud.

3. What are your plans for 2006?

I'm going to continue to lift hard in the hopes to gain more size, but I plan on doing some more national shows to see where I stand. I'm currently looking to find sponsors so that I can do the Ironman in February. After that my goal is to do the Emerald Cup but that is too far in the future to tell, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. After that I would like to maybe return to JR Nationals, USA’s, and end the year at Nationals. At least that's the goal.

Tamee Marie

4. What was something you changed for your contest prep for this show?

This show I did a few things differently. I did more cardio than I did in JR Nationals, so that I would come in leaner and harder. I also never completely got rid of my carbs, I just dropped them to less than 50 grams a day for a week, I also starting carbing up earlier. I started 48 hours before prejudging. I ate 100 grams of clean carbs on Thursday, 300 grams on Friday and 50 grams before prejudging. I also drank as much water as I wanted. I started to pull the water but quickly noticed I was getting flat, so about 12 hours before the show I start drinking large amounts of water. By the time prejudging started I think I drank at least a gallon. There was a noticeable difference. My muscles were much fuller and rounder. I really enjoy testing my body to see what works best.

5. Were you at some point worried about any competitor in particular?

Yes, there was one girl in my height class that had the most amazing legs. The judges kept putting us next to each other in the one piece round and the two piece round. After prejudging my husband wasn't sure, he thought she might be first and I’d be second. It was a very close call; I’d hate to be a judge. I really thought she had me since she was more muscular. All I know is I’d kill to have those legs!!

6. What made you decide to compete on this show?

I did this show last year and had a great time, Jeff Taylor does and amazing job with this show. Colorado produces a lot of tuff competitors and is always a difficult show. Last year was my first show and placed 4th in my height class. Then I went to JR Nationals only to find I wasn't ready for the “big leagues” yet. So, I made this show as my goal. I wanted to take 6 months off, put on some much needed size, and return to Colorado to see if my hard work had paid off. If it had, I thought this would be a good warm up for the National season. Plus it’s not too far away.

7. I am sure some competitors in your area might want to contact you for advice, please tell where you are from and how you can be contacted.

I am in Omaha Nebraska and can be reached at TameeMarie@cox.net or through my web site, TameeMarie.com. I would love to give advice or pointers to anyone. It’s so much easier to go to someone who's already gotten their feet wet. I wish I would have had someone locally to go too, for advice on diet, posing, suits, you name it.

Tamee Marie

8. Are there any people you would like to thank in particular after the win at this show?

There are so many people that have helped me along the way it’s hard for me to think of everyone, but I need to thank my husband for starters. He's allowing me to chase a dream that can be extremely financially draining, and He's been so supportive. My daughter for being so darn cute, it’s because of her that I got back into the gym. After having her I wanted to get back into shape and that was the start to this whole thing. My parents for chasing me around the country to show their support, they are amazing. I want to thank my friends Steph, James, Kelly and all my friends at Gold's for always pushing me especially when I lose my focus. I also want thank everyone for the wonderful emails, I can’t tell you how much they brighten my day!

Photos from the Show

Carol Semple Classic 2005 Overall Win
Carol Semple Classic 2004
Jr. Nats 2005
Carol Semple Classic 2005


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I decided “one day” I would compete, but I never really wanted to do the diet part of it. So I continued lifting hard until 2003 when I discovered I was pregnant. I worked out during my pregnancy but I took it a little easier and took off a few months here and there. Afterwards, I started back to the gym and I really got into heavy. I started to follow the diet to a “T” and realized how much I enjoyed the structure. So I set my eyes on my first show. My first show was an amazing experience; I love this sport and all the people within it. I'm completely addicted.

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