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by Juan Carlos Lopez

20 questions with our cover model: Julie Childs

Video Interview Cover Model: Julie Childs

Tamee Marie Interview after winning 2005 Carol Semple Figure classic

Gymnastics & Skills Pt. 1
by Linda Cusmano

Video Interview:
Ellen Partnoy

2005 NPC Nationals Experience by Alissa Carpio

Protein Intake
by Alex Galvez

Video Interview:
Corinna Frikken

Training Arms Part 2 by Kristi Wills

Back on Track
by Susan Groshek

Video Interview:
Waleska Granger

Sprint Workouts
by Misty Green

Protein Intake by Alex Galvez

Protein intake . . . humm; I won't give away my specific formulas that navigate my ability to consistently display my winning show physique, but I can touch on basics that all of you can relate to.

Protein is one of the core ingredients for good health. It is one of the key ingredients for competitive figure women, especially at the national level. Here, every micro element can provide a winning edge. You bet it is important!!

My off-season is not like many others who embellish the term "off-season." No offense intended, I just don't let myself get out of shape. I keep my body lean and toned and fuel myself with the focus of creating improvements in body shape, tone and definition. I don't eat beyond the envelope of that focus; otherwise I would add pounds and then just have to work twice as hard to take them off. My approach is "realistic" for me but doesn't suit every body type or lifestyle.

My nutritional program is based on frequent servings of quality protein throughout the day. My favorite staples are chicken, flank steak, egg whites, whey protein powder, and possibly a fish dish now and then (more for the omega-3's). I like variety -- meaning I won't just have 4 - 5 servings of red meat in a day. I mix it up, one chicken dish, 2 egg servings, 1 red meat, and a protein shake thrown in. It keeps my palate excited and as a result, my body reacts very favorably. Every day presents a different menu, and as always, prepared the night before for the critical sake of CONVENIENCE.

You have to use your imagination and create different tasting dishes while using the same ingredients month after month. No wonder so many diets fail -- they lack creativity and offer boredom to the point of not being able to resist that Snickers bar. Key on this and you will lavish in the success of your diet.

I won't address carbs, though I am sure the curiosity is killing you. I will say that in the off-season my carb to protein ratio is about 50/50. My competitive nutritional program is much more stringent and only offers sweet memories of carbs in dreams. At least it seems that way.

These key guidelines have worked for me, over and over. I don't abandon what has provided success and I don't change programs based on the latest article in a popular fitness mag. I know me. My trainer (who does my entire nutrition, supplementation, and training program) knows me. Our goal is to present the best that I can be.

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About the Author...

Alex Galvez is a National level competitor who has competed since 2003. She has vastly improved her physique and now competes at National level often taking top 5 placings in all her shows. Alex will be back in 2006 to get her pro card.

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