Issue #49


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model and IFBB Fitness Pro Tami Ough

Salla Kauranen Interview
by Anne Pietila

Tami Ough, Tiffany Rabon, Brandi Binkley, Stacy Barta and Valerie Carlino

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro DJ Wallis Part 1

Ask Misty Green
by Misty Green

Video Interview with NPC Fitness
Wendy Fortino

New Year's Body
by Jean Jitomir PhD (c)

Video Interview
with IFBB Fitness Pro Mindi O'Brien


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

January is over and in a blast we are headed to the Arnold. The Ironman was very different this year with the fitexpo getting more attractive but without many good models at booths. Something that other people noticed as well. It seems they are wait for the Arnold Classic to bring the heavy artillery.

Arnold Booth

We are still looking for more competitors/models to represent HardFitness at the 2009 Arnold Classic. If you are very good looking and have a great body and personality please email me at jc@hardfitness.com with photos and a short resume of shoots, competitions and any relevant booth work.
So far we have two contracted and will be adding 3 more. We will announce their schedules and who they are on our front page.

Pulling Through

Last editorial was very well received specially by some competitors, it became apparent it did hit a nerve with some of the readers. We will be having another similar article from a competitor who is mother and wife. There are some women in this industry who can actually compete and have a balanced life. Tami Ough our cover model is another competitor who can surely admit to this.

Now another issue when dealing with female competitors on our end is the level of commitment. There are some excellent ones that you can always count on but there are others that you know will never get things done. Most of the time their personal lives get mixed with their professional life. Most don't see the fitness industry as something that serious so they tend to be flaky and not see that other's time is just as important.

When it comes down to competitions holding up a diet can become a problem as women have a tougher time keeping up with a diet in general. Plus having estrogen in the body which makes them hold more water doesn't help. So really the question to ask yourself as a female reader is can you pull through? Can you keep a business commitment separate from the chaos that can happen in your personal life?

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