Issue #185


by Juan Carlos Lopez

20 Questions with Cover Model Trish Mowatt

Trish Mowatt, Diana Pelaez, Kitti Horvath, Eva Martin & Kaylene McDonald

Video Interview with Cover Model Trish Mowatt


Editorial By Juan Carlos Lopez

Another month into the pandemic and things are getting hairy! There are barely any vehicles in the streets, most stores have been closed almost everywhere. Nothing like this has ever happened! All the shows are cancelled and perhaps won't even happen this year although the promoters are hopeful for end of the year.
Italy is now going through a harsh period of infection from COVID and it doesn't seem to end, the whole country is on lockdown and with curfews. The vaccine still a distant reality perhaps in 2021 it will be available for emergency use which means the pharmaceutical companies will be allowed to skip the final stage of their trials.
Not much to report on the fitness side at all as no shows are planned but seems like the Arnold will try to have the expo in September or October it seems. Good luck to them as the situation won't get better by then.

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