Issue #183


by Juan Carlos Lopez

20 Questions with Cover Model Ayla Carlson

Ayla Carlson, Cathy Peters, Brett Scott, Christina Nalley, & Diana Contento

Video Interview with Cover Model Ayla Carlson


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Hello again fitness fans! By now the whole fitness industry has shut down! At the time of this writing the many shows have been cancelled and travel restrictions have been placed. The whole world is now affected by the pandemic, except some small countries but they will be affected at some point.
The fitness industry has moved events to later in the year but they will be very surprised when they realize the pandemic will last even a few years. By September/October it will be a lot better but then by December things will spike up again as it should. Expos are probably gonna be gone for a long time, but they might happen in 1 year or so. Certain states are now shutting down and closing businesses like gyms and even regular stores. The pandemic is full blown now and its gonna only get worse. Keep an eye with this editorial on more and more things that are going to happen.

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