Issue #153


by Juan Carlos Lopez

20 Questions with Cover Model Alexis Collins

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Danielle Eells

Alexis Collins, Ashley Carpenter, Danielle Barbato, Jada Smith & Kanani Gonzales

Avoid Getting Hamstrung While Maxing Out Your Hamstring Training
by Tina Jo Orban

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Allyssa Robbins



Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Nationals was larger than usual with huge bikini classes. Figure and Physique wasn't as big but still had decent numbers. The look in bikini was rather skinny and small vs the more muscular or leaner look. Figure had a good amount of muscle and leaness. But overall it seems that bikini is pushing to be very small and tiny. This is why the numbers are getting bigger as anyone can now compete at that level.

Fitness also doesn't have a physique round, there was a meeting that weekend that removed it. This means anyone that can kind of jump around and be out of shape can do well. Another move for the federation to increase competitors in that area. Fitness was always known to have even more muscular physique than figure but now the category could grow into more women or it could die due to lack of respect.

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