Issue #142


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Ashley Godfrey

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Candace Marconi

Ashley Godfrey, Juliana Halloran, Jessica Parsell, Jackie Frye & Jill Mcmillin

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Candy Carlin

Five Fantastic Tips to Fight Back Food Cravings after Restrictive Dieting
by Tina Jo Orban


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Nationals came and went and finally went and all was great, we had makeup artist/electrical tape fashion as well.

We will be doing more electrical tape fashion in the next few shoots and shows. Arnold we plan on having a booth as usual and get some of the girls working the booth to do that tape fashion. For those wanting to work our booth at the Arnold January we will be doing a lot more shoot/interviews with models to see if they are fit for the booth so don't eat too much and be ready for Jan.

Candidates will be judged first if we have shot them first and then by ability to shoot more with more versatility. And then just looks and achievements.

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