Issue #118


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Mari Robles

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Mari Robles

Mari Robles, Chelsey Novak, Hanna Hallman, Karen Salinas & Lindsey Marie Autumn

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Ashley Arampatzis

Product of the Month
by Heather Hirmer

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Christine Amon


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Nationals is coming up very soon, possibly one of the largest shows coming up in Miami.

The topic for this editorial is about Ms. Olympia, there are the rumors and some factual info that it won't happen in 2015. The NPC/IFBB list published a list of show but no Ms. Olympia. The other sanctioned event will occur such as Tampa and Chicago Pro for example but if Ms. Olympia does not occur it will be literally the end for bodybuilding. Iris Kyle has retired so its likely that the powers to be told her it would be the last one and she would go in grace as the winningest athlete in that category.

Alina Popa was making a great run to take away he crown but now it seems she may never hold that title. We support the Ms. Olympia as i have covered it since 2004 but the reality is that the federations run this as a business and need to pay their employees and it seems that bikini and men's physique are the ticket to make money. There has been more and more pro shows and just events in general have had more competitors due to these categories.


Juan Carlos Lopez

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