Issue #57


by Juan Carlos Lope

2009 Olympia Photos and Results

2009 Olympia Review

20 Questions with Cover Model and IFBB Fitness Pro Michelle Mayberry

Video Interview with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Angela Salvagno

Michelle Mayberry, Janeen Lankowski, Maria Mikola, Jody Wald & Andrea Thiel

Video Interview with NPC Figure Lauren Krysa

Interview with Tea Eriksen
by Anne Pietila

Video Interview with NPC Bodybuilder Andrea Thiel


2009 Olympia Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

Monica Brant

Las Vegas, NV was once more the scenario for the 2009 Olympia, the heat was there but not as hot as for USAs. The expo was much bigger this year with the addition of NAGA grappling, strongman events and a few other things which added people to the expo. As far as females there was a consesus that the quality is still down because most companies will hire local talent that may not be fitness related.

Nicole Wilkins

Figure was very anticipated as Jen Gates was unable to compete due to pregnancy. Gina Aliotti had won the Arnold and Jenny Lynn training herself was making that comeback. To most it was going to be a new champion but the odds could have favored anyone. Nicole Wilkins won the show, her young fresh look is that the IFBB seems to be going for. Gina Aliotti softer and smaller took second, Heather Mae French took 3rd with some interesting suits that caught everyone's eyes. In 4th place Kristal Richardson, 5th Amy Fry and 6th newcomer Erin Stern. Notable were Monica Brant who in my opinion has the best physique ever, always a pleasure to see. Larissa Reis is also another competitor who has tried to come in softer but can bring a killer package. April Rountree also looked very conditioned as always.

Adela Garcia

In Fitness Adela Garcia won it again, Jen Hendershott sat this one out so its unknown if she will do it next year. Tanji Johnson with a great routine took 2nd, Tracey Greenwood took 3rd, Julie Palmer 4th and Tina Durkin 5th with a great physique. Myriam Capes took 6th with a new type of body and good routine. Mindi O'Brien injured her back and was unable to complete her routine round. Another very great package is Trish Warren, her physique is just amazing. Regiane DaSilva as well always comes in looking great but seems her routine wasn't as sharp as last year's.

Iris Kyle

Bodybuilding was game over once Iris Kyle stepped on stage, her conditioning and balance is unreal probably even better than 202 men. 2nd place was for Heather Armbrust who was head to head with Debi Laszewski who brought great conditioning and shape. Debi took 3rd and she really is a standard to what female bodybuilding should look like. 4th place was for Lisa Aukland who actually looked really good and 5th was for Betty Pariso.

Debi Laszewski


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