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by Juan Carlos Lopez

20 Questions with Cover Model and IFBB Figure Pro Tara Scotti

Video Interview with Cover Model and IFBB Figure Pro Tara Scotti

Contest Prep for Jr. USA's Part 3
by Jean Jitomir

Tara Scotti, Holly Powell, Rebekka Armstrong, Shaushi Zike, Christy Resendes

Video Interview with IFBB FBB Irene Andersen

Summer Montabone's
Nutrition & Exercise DVD

The Cost of Competing
by Rebecca Slatt

Video Interview with IFBB Figure Pro DJ Wallis

Ask Misty
by Misty Green

Breaking Through a Plateau
by Jean Jitomir

Video Interview with IFBB Fitness Pro Mindi O'Brien


The Cost of Competing by Rebecca Slatt

Rebecca Slatt

After you compete your first year, you begin to wonder, “How do other competitors afford to compete in show after show after show?”  The amount a competitor spends on competing at any level can be astronomical.  The cost of competing adds up fast because you are paying money not only for the shows, but for months prior to the show to prepare. 

In all honesty, the general public has NO clue as to how much money is easily spent while training and competing for figure competitions. 

Many competitors send out donations letters for community support.  At the amateur level, most girls are not sponsored by major vendors and sponsors and are not seen working supplement booths at shows for money.  Your donations letter should explain who you are and what you are trying to do; and explain what Figure competitions are along with what they entail.  I would also be sure to include:

Judging criteria
Your competition history
Your new competition schedule
Your goals for the upcoming season of shows
Be sure you reinforce that you are a worthy investment for their business

Also, you will want to create a spreadsheet with all possible costs and expenditures for the year of competitions.  You may want to include an actual cost list of expenses from the previous year so you can show a cost-comparison with the upgrades you may make.

Here is a list of many expenses (make sure it is detailed):
NPC membership
Show entrance fees ($_ x _ shows)
Gym membership ($ _ x _ months)
Supplements ($_ per week x_ weeks)
Groceries ($_ per week x_ weeks)

Competition suits
1 piece
2 piece
Competition color

Travel fares:
Rental car

Try to include a picture or two so that the business owner knows that you are a credible athlete.  I like to include a competition picture or two along with a flattering model shot.

Places to go for donations:
Many places will give you a “trade-off.”  For example, a free membership if you train exclusively at their gym or tan at their salon. 
Massage parlors
Tanning salons
Supplement stores/retailers/etc.

Rebecca Slatt

I also wanted to emphasize the importance of your reputation in your community.
Make sure your community has a positive impression of you because your reputation will play a major role as to how willing and able they will be to support you, remember that as an elite athlete, you are always in the public eye and are more subjected to judgment.
Be proactive-volunteer, donate blood, do anything that will make improve your reputation and try to always be positive when in the presence of others. 

Good luck!

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