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Leg Circuit Training Routine
by Kristin Gomes

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Leg Circuit Routine by Kristin Gomes

Kristin Gomes

After several years of trying different leg routines, I have found that circuit training works the best for me to get the shape and clean lines that the judges look for in a figure competitor.  I used to train very heavy and lower reps during my leg routines and I was not seeing the definition and the results that I was seeing on the other competitors.  I started circuit training my legs and after just six months there was a huge difference! 

During my leg routine, I use a heavy enough weight that I can feel the resistance but light enough to where I will be able to get through all of my reps.  I do reps of 20 for each set and each exercise.  I only take 30 seconds of rest before I jump to my next set so I am getting a complete cardio vascular workout. 

My leg exercises consist of the following:

-4 sets of leg extensions
-3 sets of leg presses
-2 sets of barbell squats
-2 sets of walking lunges
-2 sets of step ups
-3 sets of seated leg curls

Kristin Gomes

Since legs are my toughest body part for me to develop, I train legs twice per week all year round.  I switch my leg routine to circuit about 10-12 weeks out from a competition to really burn the fat. 

There are lots of other different leg exercises that you can add or change to the ones that I listed.  Alternating exercises after a few months is great to keep challenging the muscles and to keep from getting bored with the same old routine. 

Kristin Gomes

Adding cardio to your program will help you maximize your fat burning.  How much cardio you do on a daily basis depends on how much body fat you have to lose when you are preparing for a show.  I have had to do as little as 45 minutes daily to as much as 3 hours a day.  That is a huge lesson on how well you maintain your body during the off season because doing 3 hours of cardio in addition to your training routine is no fun!  My typical cardio regimen for contest prep will be 45 minutes in the morning before breakfast and 45 minutes in the evening after I train.

If you are looking to lean out those legs, circuit training is a great way to do it paired with a high intensity cardio program.


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About the Author...

Kristin Gomes is a IFBB pro Figure competitor from Florida. She received her pro card at the USA's in Vegas in 2006. She will be competing next year in several competitions and looking to qualify for the Olympia.

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