Issue #180


by Juan Carlos Lopez

20 Questions with Cover Model Kaylene McDonald

Kaylene McDonald, Luisa Heeg, Roxy Monroe, Thais Werner & Meghan Cassidy

Video Interview with Cover Model Kaylene McDonald


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Welcome to another editorial. I want to talk a little about competing during the Covid Era and the challenges that go with it!

The Jr. USA National Championship just took place in Charleston, South Carolina. They pulled it off, but not without some unforseen happenings. They had to have their show in a backstage building so the competitors had to run in the rain from one building to that building! They got rained on right before hitting the stage. With messed up hair and tans, they were able to communicate to the people running the show about this, and they got 10 minutes to fix up their tans. This is a small hiccup, but it is because of the limitations of the venue with new protocols from the pandemic. With other unknown variables like state and county guidlines changing the rules back and forth, it is surprising to me that competitions have still been going on this year! Maybe they should have tried to postpone everything to 2021, but some peoples livlihood does rely on this industry running as it usually does.


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