Issue #178


by Juan Carlos Lopez

20 Questions with Cover Model Eva Martin

Eva Martin, Brittany Howard, Chyanne Eve, Marta Woodkowski & Jessica Weaver

Video Interview with Cover Model Eva Martin


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Welcome Fitness Fans! I want to chat about being a photographer during a pandemic.

So since I am a fitness photographer, my main events throughout the year are competitions and fitness expos! I do some other photoshoots here and there but my main work is at National shows and the Olympia and Arnold. With the pandemic, competions have changed, dates are pushed, and venues are relocated. What do I think about the Olympia in Vegas which was moved from September to December? I think the competition part of the event will take place. It was moved from the Las Vegas Convention Center to the Planet Hollywood venue. This is a smaller location, but I am sure there will be less people going in general. As for the expo? Well they are already selling expo passes, but I highly doubt that it will take place! Crowds of people stopping by booths all inside a hall at the Sands Hotel, hmmm... I could see an outdoor expo with tents and booths but that doesn't sound as fun for spectators. I missed having my booth at the Arnold in Ohio this past March, and I will really miss the Olympia happening if they do cancel the expo. But realistically, I think it will be cancelled. I will still do as many photoshoots as I am able to this year, outdoor if possible, and following sanitation and face covering protocols.

Time will tell!


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