Issue #147


by Juan Carlos Lopez

20 Questions with Cover Model Theresa Shupe

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Theresa Shupe

Theresa Shupe, Valerie Garcia Giovanoli, Tonya Simpson, Amanda Brast & Sasha Brown

Super-Setting to Shapely Sexy Thighs
by Tina Jo Orban

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Heather Bonamie



Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Coming up are all the Nationals shows, well almost all of them except Nationals. The next few months will be very hard for competitors diet wise and financially.

Models ask me what is our criteria for selecting sponsored athletes:

1. Market value - This means you what we shoot with you isn't just all over the net and in print. Perhaps you only do a few shoots. We don't mind your social media selfies but when a model has shot the same images with every professional photographer the fans don't really have a point in coming to us to see you

2. Versatility - You can shoot a variety of outfits and looks not just one. You aren't afraid to be different. Whatever feels comfortable for you but you aren't just like any other models. You are different.

3. Communication Skills - Believe it or not some amazing bodies and competitors have not been selected because they are flaky and just can't communicate. Try to be speedy with replies and plans, think of this as a job as well not just something for fun. We work hard to be able to provide you with money for your shows so we expect the same treatment


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