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by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Rachel Fechner

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Rachel Fechner

Rachel Fechner, Michelle Rubino, Lacy Brown, Logan Marion & Lisa Horrigan

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Rachel Miles

How to Train Around an Injury
by Tina Jo Orban

Interview with Apollon Nutrition Owner Robert Samborsky


Interview with Apollon Nutrition Owner Robert Samborsky

1. Do you think Apollon Nutrition is the best line on the market?

Question that every owner of a supplements company will answer YES. In fact I just talked about this recently on social media, where I pointed out that vast majority of supplement companies are always using the terms such as "best on the market", "strongest", etc.
But when you check the label, it's either nowhere near the best or just a cheap proprietary blend in most cases (if it's preworkout) loaded with cheap stimulants, mostly caffeine and not much else. Don't get me wrong, I love stimulants, but if it's a good product it should offer much more than that, and that much more cost money that they don't want to spend and want to minimize expenses and maximize profits. And nothing wrong with trying to make money, but I believe in different approach, which is doing your research, make great product, properly dosed with best ingredients. So YES for what we offer and our target market we are the best, and our track record, products, numbers and feedback back up those claims. Even our haters can't say shit.

2. What are your views on political climate in USA, especially the elections.

The state of political climate in USA I'd compare to terminal decease like cancer. It's curable but if something is not done asap, it'll grow and spread to such extent that catastrophe is inevitable...
I came to USA in 1997. Back then economy was booming, people were proud to be American, they were proud and respecting the American flag, the American anthem, the entire world wanted the American dream, terror attacks were pretty much not an issue. Today terrorism (both USA and global) has reached mega proportions, people are scared, ISIS is now not just some terror organization that operates in Middle East, they are everywhere, it's a globally spread virus. Economy is terrible, people have no respect for the flag, for anthem, for veterans and it's defended by the President saying that they have the right not to respect the flag or anthem, yet the same president tries to take away the second amendment in order to prevent terror attacks, while terrorists are using planes, cars, trucks, knives...
When I came to USA the biggest issue was President getting a blow job in the Oval Office. Wish that was the only problem now.
As for the election... Let's see... The choices were:
Billionaire host of the Apprentice who loves the spotlight.
A criminal that made over 150 million dollars while in public office, who is a proven liar and couldn't satisfy one husband but promised to satisfy the nation, someone doing business with Iran and possibly could lead to a war with Russia.
And third is a sorry ass socialist, that has no business even running for office in a capitalistic country. He is more suited to take Castro's place in Cuba.

3. What is your opinion on Anabolic steroids in the sports?

Steroids were, are and always will be in sports. Fact! You and I both know what it takes to compete at the highest level. These athletes are not going to the gym before or after work for a "quick workout", to hang out with friends, check out the girls. Those athletes are competing at the highest level, taking their bodies to and beyond limit. Let's just say that their testosterone requirements are most definitely higher than average Joe. Especially the older they get. Do I condone the use of anabolics for everyone? Of course not. But if your testosterone levels are low or you are an athlete, by all means YES, needless to say I'd highly recommend working with a doctor, doing blood work, etc.
I would also suggest staying away from cheap, questionable underground steroids that manufactured God knows where and in what conditions.

4. There is a lot of argument going on regard Proprietary Blends. What are your thoughts?

Yea I've seen a lot of these. I always said that people can use whatever they want, it's their choice... But I personally don't know anyone who is knowledgeable or a true athlete that would put anything in his/her body without knowing what and how much there is in the product. I've seen some companies defend their proprietary blends by stating that they protecting their formulas. That's of. Purse total bullshit. They simply cutting corners and maximizing profits. When I was working on Hooligan, I submitted the formula to one manufacturer who said I'm crazy as it's very expensive product and suggested their "very powerful house blend", which cost $6 to make. But when I asked for breakdown of ingredients he stated that it's a secret formula. Any knowledgeable athlete, knows exactly how much Citruline, Beta Alanine, Agmatine is required to produce results. And anyone who is serious about results, knows that it's not just training, but also nutrition, supplements, everything got to be on point.
People have to be educated on the subject. Everyone deserves the best. It makes me mad when I see a supplement store owners posting pictures on social media of crappy products and stating they the best. Why lie to your customers? For a quick buck? Customers are becoming more and more aware of this scam that's been going on for decades. What will happen when they will eventually ask you why did you recommend a shitty product. Will you answer that because your margins are better?
So Apollon and any reputable company that cares about quality will NEVER offer proprietary blends.

5. Alina and Karolina seem to be instrumental to Apollon success. How important their role in Apollon success?

I stated this on many occasions, that Alina has been with me from day one. It's been 9 years now. And Apollon would never be where it is without her. Her nickname Dana White of Apollon fits her perfect. She is a great businesswoman, who gets shit done, doesn't pay attention to haters or clowns (wish I was more like that) and she was born to be a leader.
Karolina joined Apollon 4 years ago and I can say Apollon Gym is at its best right now because of her contribution. From customer service to efficiency, leadership, initiative that she showed, we have been growing like never before.
Both of them are crucial to Apollon's success and I see them as equals, not employees. Both Marina and I are lucky to have such incredible leaders running the company.

6. How come you haven't had a booth at major events such as the Olympia or Arnold Classic yet?

Honestly, up until now we never thought we'd be where we are. Apollon Nutrition was created for Apollon Gym members. 2 years later we are in stores, online, in some other countries, we have elite athletes joining the team... So now you can look forward to seeing us at the major shows. And not just bodybuilding but also powerlifting, strongman, MMA, etc.

7. How did you get started with Apollon Nutrition and why?

The idea was there for years. But I was lazy. We carried 2 brands at Apollon for shakes, etc. But partially due to the fact that most brands on the market are shit and partially because of rising costs we decided to get small quantities of protein and preworkout that I formulated for the gym, but as often the case is, people from other gyms started buying, demand started growing and here we are...

8. What do you think of the other companies like 5% Nutrition, Species and such that aren't in major retail stores yet?

You trying to start shit lol. No problem I'll answer...
Apollon was among the first customers that Dave Palumbo (Species) had. Their isolate is still among my favorites, although I was not crazy about the taste, the quality was (and is) top notch. Downside I remember was the price for 4lbs protein was quite high, although isolate is of course not cheap. Other good products were the joint formula and fiber. And of course the imported Macadamia Nut oil. Again, I thought price could've been better. Dave was always cool with me, although I haven't talked to him in a while.
5% Nutrition is not my favorite company. I'm not a huge fan of the products, although their product Real Food Is a good product even if expensive for what it is, but never the less good. The liver protection they have also decent product... I'll give Rich Piana credit for his Marketing even though it's not my style. The tough guy act is a dangerous way to conduct business, because one day instead of a kid you are slapping around for fun and attention you might run into somebody who will drop your ass and embarrass you. So yes they clearly successful and good for them but I still don't agree with tactics.
This reminds me of Dorian Yates acting tough and then one day getting his ass kicked by a fighter in Holland, while the other tough guy Craig Titus was standing by and after Dick Vrig (who kicked Dorian's ass and his security guys too) left, Craig upon returning to USA was telling everyone that he could kick Dick's ass..

9. Where do you see Apollon Nutrition in 5 years?

Hhhhmmmm... Considering where we are 2 years after launching the brand, if all goes the way it is, we will take over the world... Just kidding. I honestly don't know as many factors come to play. But if all goes the way it is, I see us nationally and perhaps globally as if not top than one of the top brands. One thing I'll tell you is that will never jeopardize our reputation and change our strategy for a quick buck. Only the best!

10. We all know you are unfortunately a Barcelona fan, but tell us do you think the style of play of Barcelona will endure thru the years? Are the new coaches and new blood doing a good job?
Counter attack style has even been adopted by Real Madrid with their fast players like C. Ronaldo and Gareth Bale.

You had to go there? Lol
All I have to say is last 3 games:
Real Madrid 0 : Barcelona 4 (in Madrid)
Barcelona 1 : Real Madrid 2
Barcelona 1 : Real Madrid 1
And as good as Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema are, their stats not even close to Messi, Suarez and Neymar...
And last but not least VISCA BARCA 😂😜

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