Issue #141


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Fiona MacKenzie

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Fiona MacKenzie

Fiona MacKenzie, Heather Shanholtz, Anna Lubischer, Angel Starr & Angela Berglund

Off Season Curves
by Tina Jo Orban


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Another issue, another Nationals coming up in Miami. 13 years in a row doing this and yes I can tell you if you can compete in this or not. And your question is am I ready for this?

Simply, the answer is yes but not really... I know I am confusing you. Ok, let's make it simple, if you are thinking of competing at a national level show you have to be qualified of course. But besides that you want experience on being a show outside of your comfort zone. Outside of home is tricky, flight and hotel, packing meals etc... Will you be lean enough? It doesn't matter the first time, just get the experience and see how your body reacts to holding water. You might see that you need to get a few days earlier like a Wednesday instead of Thursday.

Timing your food, refeed and water is even harder at a two day show. So you want to practice that and practice being back stage around thousands of people.

Any more questions? Next Issue i can answer more.

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