Issue #139


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Karie Ryan

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Karie Ryan

Karie Ryan, Rachel Middlecamp, Stephanie Granzow, Victoria Flores & Lisa Gonzales

Video Interview with Pro Physique Brittany Rice


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

USAs was a good event but has gotten smaller for sure, perhaps the high costs are making it a harder show for competitors and also the backstage is very hot. Hotter than ever before, perhaps promoter is wanting to save on the electricity bill by the Artemus Hall.

Olympia is coming up and we have 3 models already and looking for one more! Who will it be?

Here is a list of the models at booth so far:

Jessica Vetter
Fiona MacKenzie
Luna Fit

The Olympia seems to be a bit smaller this year in paper. So we shall see what happens once there. It will be a busy show for sure.

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