HardFitness Sponsored and Contracted Athletes

HardFitness is looking to sponsor more athletes in the fitness, figure and bodybuilding industry. Our goal is to help competitors continue to pursue their goals in this industry. There are several different levels of sponsorship according to your skills.

What we do for you depending on your level of sponsorship:
-All Expenses paid for your competitions (flight, hotel, registration fees)
-Promotion on HardFitness and other related opportunities.
-Booth work at major shows for our HardFitness Booth

What we need from you:
-Modeling (Photoshoots, more info at http://www.hardfitness.com/portfolio.html)
-Booth Appearances
-Other promotional appearances
-Positive attitude and good standing


Valerie Garcia Giovanoli

Pro Physique


To be considered:

-Send your resume (include photoshoots and booth work)

-Attach photos from photoshoots or competitions

Please contact us in order to discuss details.


















































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