Juan Carlos Lopez Portfolio

Below is sample of my portfolio, from all different types of models to different types of shoots.

Mindi O'Brien Cover and Interview Pictorial
Melissa Degasis
1 page Layout
Rebecca Slatt
4 page Layout

Julie "DJ" Wallis
Jenny Lynn
Monica Brant-Peckham
In the Gym
Jane Awad
Darlina Acampora
Darlina Acampora
Adria Maria
Miranda Gahagan
Ashley Day

Female Bodybuilding
Debbie Bramwell
Valentina Chepiga
Mimi Jabalee
Andrea Giacomi
Antonia Grady
Nikki Warner
Tara Scotti
Teri Mooney
Heather Mae French
Shelly Pinkerton
Traci Saba
Shelly Pinkerton
Jamie Senuk
Traci Redding
Jane Awad

Please contact me in order to discuss details.


The following information regarding photoshoots.

Appointments: These are done usually prior to the show at least a week or more before the actual shoot. This is not first come first serve but rather who can handle all the styles from swimwear to sexy to lingerie. Because a better model takes better pictures that can be used. Appointments can also be set during the show if no prior contact with HardFitness has been established.

Type of Shoots:
A) Photos and video
Calendar casting are more common and thus models booking must be aware of this type of shoot. Please ask for more details. But basically the video portion involves flexing and performing athletic movements (pushups, gym workout, running, walking, posing, etc..) They will get a copy of the photos and depending the shooting styles and current casting compensation will be offered.

Here are some samples of the video:

Posing Video

Gym Training Video

B) Photos only: There are very few openings at every event.

If not able to shoot video its possible that you won't be able to book a shoot at the event.

C) Hire me: this can be done prior to event by email, appointment must be set and full payment must be already sent. If shooting locally there can be a 50% deposit.

Bringing Escorts: If you have an issue with this please talk to me before booking a shoot. I can shoot with someone there but please let me know you are bringing someone. Or you are welcome to bring an escort to meet me and to see the locations before the shoot.

Cancellations: If you need to cancel your appointment please do so at least 24 hours in advance. For example shoot is 3pm on April 24, so it should be best to cancel before April 23rd 3pm. If anything always call to cancel a shoot never do a "no-show". Models failing to abide to this may not be able to schedule a photoshoot thereafter.

Outfits: It is up to the model to bring her own clothing. Bring at least three different outfits you can use. Preference is swimsuits, skirts, gym wear, heels, contest suits. If you are in contest shape it is best to go with swimsuits mostly. Optionally I can provide swimsuits as well but they will be smaller and much sexier usually from Colleen Kelly Designs, DreamGirl, Wicked Temptations etc..

Image Editing: Regarding editing and retouching I DO NOT offer this. There is no Photoshoping of any images I take. If you strongly want this I will charge $100/hr with a two hour minimum. This must be paid upfront in full.

Make-Up: At larger events my make up artist Laurie St. Michael will be there. She does charge for her services but depending on the type of shoot she can do it at no charge. Please check her page out: Make up by Laurie
If she is not available model is also responsible for make up. At times we will have a make up artist but it is best to have your own or do your own make up at your convenience.

Usage Photos: All shoots are free, you can download your photos on the HardFitness server 4 to 8 weeks after the shoot. Make sure you read the release form provided at the shoot for other important information.

You may use all photos on your website, social media or to promote yourself but keeping the copyright of the photos. Whatever name you use on the release form is what we will use in any future publications. Keep in mind the photographer is the actual copyright owner. There will be no name changes for any reason.
All photos will be used in any future media publications online or in print.


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