Laurie St.Michael Make-Up Artist

Laurie has been doing make-up for competitors since 2002 starting at "The Olympia" she has the knowledge and passion for the industry. From fashion shows, magazine spreads, music videos, live broadcasts and of course competition. Laurie follows and supports her competitors thru their journey at shows and else where. Laurie is age 31 and has been providing education in her field since she was 17.

A few pointers before booking Laurie:

-Make sure you know if you want the services for competition and/or photoshoots
-Knowing your schedule will help organize things

Make-Up: $150
Hair and Make-Up: $225

Portfolio (some samples of Laurie's work)

Lenda Murray
Olympia 2004
Inga Neverauskaite
Olympia 2007
Heather Green
Olympia 2007
Amy Haddad
Atlantic City Pro 2007
Desha Rodriguez
USAs 2007
Chastity Slone
Olympia 2007



Please contact Laurie to discuss details.


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