2011 HardFitness Calendar
Jenny Lynn Cover Model

Front Cover
Back Cover

The models on it are:

January - Sydney Moses (USA)
February - Zarah Pacheco (USA)
March - Ginette Delhaes (Canada)
April - Alexandria Savaun (USA)
May - Nicole Pearson (USA)
June - Misty Anderson (USA)
July - Michelle Ould (USA)
August - Zhanna Rotar (USA)
September - Tiffany Ryan (USA)
October - Maiken Emborg (Denmark)
November - Genevieve Brodeur (Canada)
December - Abby Marie Lindemann (USA)
Jan 2011 - Emily Nicholson (USA)

Price: $12.99

USA: $3.00
International: $8.00


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