Holly Geersen NPC Bodybuilding

How did you get interested in bodybuilding/working out?

My horse got hurt in college and I couldn't rodeo anymore (I was on scholarship), so at first, it was just something to pass the time!

How was your first show like, any interesting experiences?

I thought I was going to pass out in class while dieting for my first show! My 1st show was a very positive experience. The biggest suprise was the amount of Protan that had to be applied!

What do you like and dislike about competing?

I hate the diet-but I NEVER cheat on my diet! I love being in shape, lifting, and having structure in my life. I also love going to the various shows, wether I'm competing in them or not! It's so much fun!

What are your future goals in this industry?

I would love to have my pro card! I want to be the best that I can be and optomize my physique to the fullest of my genetic potential. I really respect all the hard work that the Pro women put into their physiques!

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

I want to be debt free (with 3 degrees-biology, exercise physiology and my doctorate of chiropractic)-I have student loans coming out of my ears!!

Please tell us something special about you that most people wouldn't know?

I love animals! Especially horses and dogs.

Any additional notes? People you would like to thank?

My awesome lifting partner, powerlifter Jennifer Rey, and my family and friends for all thier wonderful support.

Competition History:

-2004 CO State USAPL drug-free Powerlifting Champion (75 kg class)
-2004 NPC CO State Bodybuilding LHW and Overall Champion
-2004 NPC Jr. Nationals 3rd Place Middleweight
-2003 NPC Jr. USA 4th Place Heavyweight
-2002 NPC Jan Tana 2nd Place Heavyweight
-2001 NPC National Collegiate Heavyweight Champion
-2001 NPC Iowa State Bodybuilding MW and Overall Champion
-2000 NANBF Iowa State Collegiate Champion

Holly Geersen

Date of Birth: 12/27/1975
Born/Grew up in: Martin, SD
Current Residence: Denver, CO
Height: 5'4 1/2"
Weight: 160
Current Occupation: Doctor of Chiropractic
Favorite Hobby: Working out, of course!
Favorite Food: Prime rib
Favorite Music: Anything
Best Bodypart:Quads
Years Training: 4

Email: hollygee@hollygeersen.com

Website: www.hollygeersen.com

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