Debbie Patton IFBB Pro Bodybuilding

How did you get interested in bodybuilding/working out?

As I approached 30 and started gaining weight, I felt I needed a change.

What was your first show like, any interesting experiences?

Great, I won my class and the overall. Got to do my routine twice they screwed up and made me go without my music and then I asked if I could go again. Obviously a small show and they obliged.

What do you like and dislike about competing?

I like watching my body transform as I prepare for a show and meeting new friends. Not much to dislike, other than squeezing to make middleweights!

What are your future goals in this industry?

The coveted pro card.

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

Continue striving for health and happiness. Helping others and being a positive role model amongst my piers and future generations.

Any additional notes? People you would like to thank?

Special thanks to two very important men in my life. My boyfriend and trainer Abdul, and my Dad for being there since the beginning of this journey and supporting me 100%.

Competition History:
-2002 Illinois State Champion
-2002 Jr. Nationals -6th Place
-2003 Indiana State Champion
-2003 Jr. Nationals -12th Place
-2003 Master Nationals -3rd Place
-2003 Team Universe -1st Place
-2003 IFBB World Championships -12th Place
-2004 Master Nationals -1st Place
-2004 Team Universe -1st Place Middleweight
-2004 North American Championships -3rd Place Middleweight
-2004 World Championships -9th Place Middleweight
-2005 Team Universe - 1st Place Middleweight and Overall (IFBB Pro card)

Debbie Patton

Date of Birth: 1/10/1968
Born/Grew up in: Northwest Indiana, right outside of Chicago
Current Residence: Scherville, IN
Marital Status: Single but unavailable
Height: 5 foot 5 inches
Weight: 125 contest, 150 off-season
Current Occupation: Sales Assistant
Favorite Hobby: Besides working out, shopping, traveling and fast old cars!
Favorite Food: Chicago style pizza
Favorite Music: Anything but country
Best Bodypart: Abs
Years Training: 7



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