Issue #98


by Juan Carlos Lope

HardFitness Booth at 2013 Arnold Classic

20 Questions with Cover Model Katrina Kocielska

Video Interview with Cover Model Katrina Kocielska

Katrina Kocielska, Christine Kluger, Spring Moose, Valentina Mazzola & Patricia Perez

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Kimberly Elizabeth

Product of the Month
by Heather Hirmer

Video Interview with
HardFitness Sponsored Amateur Physique Kimberlie Martin


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

The Arnold Booth was great for Hardfitness, thx to all the fans and friends that stopped by. Also thx to all the models that worked the booth and helped with the show.

-Kimberlie Martin
-Stefanie Richard
-Melissa Biro

Assistant: Karlie Grooms
Photographer: Aleksey Kashtelyan, Jeff Glasser (booth images)

Also thanks to all the models that did shoots that weekend, the print calendar will be coming out sooner this year. So if you haven't done a shoot with me then do it asap!

As far as sponsorships go we still have spots available but it ain' t that easy to get a sponsorship from Hardfitness. It requires great modeling skills and also someone who is consistent and not a flake.

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