Issue #96


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Bojana Vasiljevic

Video Interview with Cover Model and Amateur Physique Nickie Clark

Pictorials Bojana Vasiljevic, Frankie Hibberd, Linda Andrew, Idianette Ortiz & Gillian Kovack

Video Interview with Amateur Physique Shauna Lewis

Product of the Month
by Heather Hirmer

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Colleen McMahon


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Welcome to a new year 2013. Years seem to be going faster and faster and always new and more competitors. A few years back with bikini and physique all federations are financially stronger. Seems like competitors even if the economy is worse they are still spending as much money as they don't have!

We have discussed working a booth, sponsorships in this space. For 2013 everyone has their own goals and things they want to achieve. HardFitness already signed up a new athlete for sponsorship, Kim Martin. In our quest to sign more athletes we are expanding more to Europe and Brazil. Yes it is much harder when someone is farther and also there is a language barrier but if the right athlete comes then we will surely work with them.

Communication is key when working with anyone, if that is there then anything is possible. One of the biggest mistakes competitors make is taking opportunities for granted. Not replying to emails, not texting back will surely deter you from these opportunities. You might have the looks and physique but that is useless when you don't have the job.

So word to the wise for 2013, may being responsible and attentive be your highest priority. This way you can achieve your dreams of modeling and competing. Remember this fitness world does come to an end, father time won't stop aging you...

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