Issue #95


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Christina Profancik

Video Interview with Cover Model and Amateur Bikini Christina Profancik

Pictorials Christina Profancik, Brittney Koman, Cari Crabtree, Christiana Casoni & Christine Zadel

Video Interview with Pro Figure Jami DeBernard

Product of the Month
by Heather Hirmer

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Cynthia Benoit


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

The end of the year has come, one more month till 2013. It has been a very fast year, less shows but more shoots. As the 2013 season is about to here, reminder that HardFitness is still sponsoring competitors! We have had a lot of competitors ask about sponsorship so here is a bit of info for those who have been asking. There are two types of candidates those who have shot and those who have not. Here are the steps.

1. Send your info (images, bio, shoots, shows competed) and that you are interested in sponsorship
2. If you qualify for a shoot we will email you back about scheduling shoot
3. Do the shoot
4. If you do well at the shoot, we will speak to you about sponsorship
5. If both parties agree on terms then contract is sent
6. Return contract signed and you are now officially sponsored!

Many factors do determine what you get, not all sponsorships are created equal. Important factors to determine who gets sponsored

1. Modeling ability (Can you handle many different styles?)
2. Market Value (How much content out there is there of you?, too much is not a good thing.)
3. Professionalism (Are you on time? Good at replying back to emails, txts, are you organized?)

It is not easy, out of perhaps 1000 competitors that ask for sponsorship only about 5 get sponsored. Reality is the above 3 factors usually are not present. Perhaps 1 and 2 are there but not number 3. So get on it and email jc@hardfitness.com

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