Issue #94


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Idianette Ortiz

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Wendy London

Idianette Ortiz, Amanda Hatfield, Ana Sanchez, Ashley Kaltwasser & Ashley Sebera

Video Interview with Figure Pro Linda Andrew

Product of the Month
by Heather Hirmer

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Jaime Shires


Whitening Teeth by Heather Hirmer

Cost effective way to whiten your teeth and 5 days!

-Baking Soda

Hydrogen peroxide  has many uses including teeth whitening and antiseptic, hydrogen peroxide is an excellent mouthwash for overall oral health. It may takes just a few applications of peroxide and baking soda paste but afterwards your teeth will be significantly whiter at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a home teeth whitening kit.

1. mix baking soda with peroxide and make a paste.

2. use q-tip to apply paste to teeth leave on 2 min

3. brush teeth

4. rinse with water.

Enjoy! Whiter beautiful teeth in 5 days!

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