Issue #92


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Melanie Albinio

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Melanie Albinio

Melanie Albinio, Kristine Koontz, Makayla Ring, Lisa Davila & Mabel Gonzalez

Video Interview with Andrea Miele looses a bet!

Product of the Month
by Heather Hirmer

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Andrea Miele


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Once more we are proud to present the new 2013 HardFitness Calendar, you can buy it here!


The booth at the Olympia will be great! We have cover model Priscila Prunella, Mabel Gonzalez and more! We might just have some amazing surprises!

Getting Booth Work

The good companies already have all their personnel the bad ones haven't even gotten started. The Fitness industry is well known for everything being last minute and no proper methodology in selection of booth models. Supplement companies assume that if a competitor places well they will do better selling their product... wrong, dead wrong. In most cases the top competitors usually are not the best sales people or the best models. Your best bet is to hire someone that is going to do the job and be somehow attractive.

For the ladies here is a few things to remember. First of all ask for paperwork from the company. Any professional company will be sending you some type of paperwork specially if they will be flying you out or paying for a hotel. If they don't give you any you should be forward and ask them to draft something. This is where you have to be smart, if something happens and you don't get paid then it is completely your fault.

Don't ever suggest another female friend to work the booth with you that just sounds childish and unprofessional. Do you go with your best female friend for a work interview? Don't let your boyfriend come over to booth, if is going to stop by make it short and quick. Not professional to monkey around when someone is paying for your time. Same thing applies with your hotel room, no one else should be allowed inside it unless the company is okay with it.

But what if you are looking for work for the Olympia? Well first of all is don't wait for a company to contact you, check the Olympia website and see if you can download a floor plan, go and email every single company if they would need any booth workers, it helps if you are already traveling to the event. Also pick wisely, ask companies how many booths they have had at that particular show in a row. You want a company who is consistent not a one time wonder. Be aware that many of the supplement companies are sinking boats so your trip could be all booked and last minute it will be cancelled.

With all that said it sounds like a nightmare working a booth huh? But it can be fun but you have to expect this to be work and nothing else. You are in Vegas to work not to party.

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