Issue #90


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Darlene Escano

Video Interview with Pro Figure and Cover Model Darlene Escano

Darlene Escano, Nataliya Romashko, Sasha Brown, Stephanie Wright & Vanessa Armas

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Lily Ochkur

Product of the Month
by Heather Hirmer

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Marie Silmari


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez


Handling who represents you in key when it comes down to any business. In the fitness industry you will have probably the largest amount of unprofessional people from the members of a federation to the owners of supplement companies. It is the lack of education that usually causes that and you add then a large amount of hot bodies and it all becomes a chaos.

The film industry is no better, just as bad but with more money and higher stakes. On the contrary for example the engineering industry has much more educated people and better treatment in general. Of course there are mistakes being made and bad decisions but in general there is much more money.

If you want to have a manager in this industry they really have to work hard to get your name out there, get you shoots, get you on websites that give you traffic and in general just boost your income or views. Magazines are dead, a manager who thinks they are more important lives in the past.

Friends, family or people in another industry DON'T make for good advisors or managers. Many people make that huge mistake, there are so many more things to the business side of the fitness industry.

Probably the worst thing any "manager" can do is loose their cool during an interaction with any business. If the terms aren't met then its completely fine if both parties just don't continue with the deal. It can all be done amicably with no hard feelings. Each person has an idea even if its wrong they are entitled to live in their fantasy world and it should be respected. But both parties need to be calm and not get emotional.

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