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by Juan Carlos Lopez

2005 Canadian Nationals Women's Bodybuilding Photos Results

2005 Canadian Nationals Women's Bodybuilding Review

2005 Europa Super Show Photos and Results

2005 Europa Super Show Review

2005 Copa Internacional Guadalajara Photos and Results

2005 Copa Internacional Guadalajara Review

20 Questions with our Cover Model: Mindi O'Brien

Video Interview with our Cover Model: Mindi O'Brien

Post Contest Blues
by Traci Redding

Video Interview: Nita Marquez Wilson NPC Fitness

Is it a Goal or A Dream?
by Sarah and Geff Malone

An Interview with Trina Gillis

Pre Exhaust Bicep Workout
Linda Cusmano

Video Interview: Jenny Guenther IFBB Figure Pro

Women Training Routine Part 1: Leg Training
by Rossella Pruneti

Video Interview: Katie Szep IFBB Fitness Pro

Beyond the Mirror
by Rossella Pruneti

Mindi O'Brien, Lucie Bergeron, Susie Oatmeyer, Alexis Ellis, Tonia Williams

Video Interview: Alia Anor NPC Figure

Diet Depleting and Diapers
by Christine Wan



Interview with Trina Gillis

Would you think Trina Gillis was an ex-bodybuilder? This young competitor began her career as a bodybuilder and now graces the Canadian National stage in figure. Now in Canada the physiques are always more muscular than in the United States and among the top 5 in each class there are some ex-bodybuilders. Reason is they have the most balance and better muscle definition. Canada makes no mistake in placing these competitors high as representing your country in the IFBB ranks is important. Trina Gillis is for sure a candidate for her pro card in future contests. I had the pleasure of shooting Trina twice, at the Arnold and then in contest shape at the Canadian Nationals. She is a hard worker and we hope to see her on stage in 2006. Here is a short interview we did by email. Hope you enjoy it.

1) Please introduce yourself, where are you from? What makes you special? Who is Trina Gillis?

I am Trina Gillis, I am from Red Deer Alberta, but born and raised in Rocky Mountain House Alberta. I think the most special thing about me is I have a twin sister Tanya!! She is my motivation and inspiration in a lot of what I do.
Who am I ? Growing up I was always a bit of a tomboy, pretended to be tough, loved sports and outdoors things like camping. I am still a bit of a tomboy except with makeup and a blow dryer, hehe. I still love sports, mainly baseball, snow boarding and wake boarding, and of course I love to lift weights!

2) Did you have any competitors you looked up to before/during your first competitions?

Debbie Leung, a local BB, turned Pro Fitness

3) Having started in bodybuilding why did you choose to switch to Figure?

It basically came down to a size thing, I wasn't willing to do what it takes to gain the size to compete at a national level. I am a natural competitor and as far as i can see I will always be. I am at a comfortable size off season and on season, as an athlete I feel if i gain more size it will affect my other sports in a negative way, like my agility, flexibility and speed. I must say that bodybuilding is my true love though!

4) What are some of the differences when mentally preparing for a bodybuilding show and a Figure show?

Other than not having a routine to practice not much. The dieting and training are really no different for me. Mentally, the figure doesn't seem like as much fun, not having the routine and not having your 5 minutes on stage alone to show off your mandatory poses! I always said this is a sport that is "all about me", but really there is no "just me time" on stage with Figure, hehe.

5) What has been the hardest challenge you faced in your competitive career and how did you overcome it?

Keeping my relationship in tack! But we have made it through, he use to compete himself before we met, so he is very understanding of the mood swings when precontest.

6) What is your opinion about only one pro card given in Figure in Canada per year?

You definitely are "the best" if you have a Canadian Pro Card, I really don't think they should be handed out like candy. Although only one really isn't enough.

7) I don't know if you have noticed but in recent pro qualifiers some of the winners of pro cards are leap and bounds behind some of the current pros physique-wise. Where do you think this sport is headed to?

Well let see, depends which country you are looking at. Look at the Canadian Pros, they are definitely a lot bigger than most others. Just from what I have noticed a lot of our Pros are having to DROP size to be able to compete with the other Pros. The last few years its mostly ex-bodybuilders winning their pro cards in canada, these girls have some amazing muscle on them that they have worked hard for, but then they are being told to downsize to compete at the pro level. They need to have one judging criteria to follow, why don't they set the standards at the national levels the same as the Pro level?

8) Please tells us your off-season diet, meal by meal?

1 - Oatmeal and egg whites
2 - Buffalo, rice, veggies
3 - Dry cottage cheese/ fat free yogurt
4 - buffalo, rice , veggies
5 - Salmon, spinach, blueberries
6 - oatmeal / egg whites

Of course i have a few cheats here and there, but i am pretty strict in off season. I will add in peanut butter once in a while or a piece of "squirrley" bread for breakfast.
I really try to stay away from sugar. When I have a cheat meal i would rather having something high fat over sugar. Sugar literally makes me fee like i have a hang over the next day!hehe

9) What are some of your favorite exercises in the gym and favorite body part to train?

Favorite exercises would be...hmmm shoulder press or lateral raises. I love to train back and shoulders. I HATE training legs.hehe

10) Tell us about Trina Gillis outside of competing, and your future plans in your personal life.

I am a personal trainer / massage therapist, i have been a M.T. for 5 years now. I work hard mon - friday and never on the weekends, weekends are for fun! I love to play baseball in the summer, mountain bike, wake board, drink a beer and clam(when not dieting). In the winter the weekends are mostly reserved for Snow boarding with my Fiance Glen. We drive 3 hrs to the mountains, board all day then drive home, its exhausting but well worth it!
I love going to movies, mostly funny ones, I love to laugh! Most important I love spending time with my Mom and Dad, as they are the best two people in the world! I don't see them near enough when dieting though as they always have "goodies" around, like chocolate cake and ice cream, and its really really hard to resist when visiting them. Mom tries to hide it but i know all her good hiding places, hehe.

My personal future plans.... Glen and I hope to be married by the end of this year, hurray! 6 years is long enough dating time, hehe. I really want to just focus on my business, and my own training. I am looking at next years National Figure contest in Edmonton Alberta. I really think I will come in looking my personal best. The last two years I didn't feel I met my personal best at all, maybe 70%.

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