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by Juan Carlos Lopez

2005 Canadian Nationals Women's Bodybuilding Photos Results

2005 Canadian Nationals Women's Bodybuilding Review

2005 Europa Super Show Photos and Results

2005 Europa Super Show Review

2005 Copa Internacional Guadalajara Photos and Results

2005 Copa Internacional Guadalajara Review

20 Questions with our Cover Model: Mindi O'Brien

Video Interview with our Cover Model: Mindi O'Brien

Post Contest Blues
by Traci Redding

Video Interview: Nita Marquez Wilson NPC Fitness

Is it a Goal or A Dream?
by Sarah and Geff Malone

An Interview with Trina Gillis

Pre Exhaust Bicep Workout
Linda Cusmano

Video Interview: Jenny Guenther IFBB Figure Pro

Women Training Routine Part 1: Leg Training
by Rossella Pruneti

Video Interview: Katie Szep IFBB Fitness Pro

Beyond the Mirror
by Rossella Pruneti

Mindi O'Brien, Lucie Bergeron, Susie Oatmeyer, Alexis Ellis, Tonia Williams

Video Interview: Alia Anor NPC Figure

Diet Depleting and Diapers
by Christine Wan



2005 Copa Internacion Grand Prix Guadalajara

It was the first edition of the Copa Grand Prix Internacional the city, Guadalajara. Unfortunately only a male competitor from Venezuela participated in this event.

Consuelo Rojas

On the women´s portion there were only 20 competitors in the figure and bikini categories. From the get go Consuelo Rojas was the favorite to win the overall in figure. Martha Mancilla was supposed to compete in figure but was relegated to bikini. In Mexico the bikini category was created for competitors who were smaller in size; being this a higher level competition. In the bikini everyone thought that Martha Mancilla would win, but Yunoe Estrada with a slightly more muscular lower body stormed ahead of Martha. Martha Mancilla will be representing masters figure in Mr. Mexico this coming weekend.

The figure was divided into three classes class A had only two competitors, Consuelo Rojas and Claudia Martinez. Claudia Martinez just recently climbed onto the classified ranks; which are a level above novice. Consuelo Rojas easily took her class with her full physique and balance. This time she didn´t come in as lean as she is saving it for Mr. Mexico. Class B was a lot harder 3 physiques were very close to each other. The competitor that stood out the

Liz Lozano

most was Jalisco´s Liz Lozano not because of her physique but because of her looks and elegance. Rosa Isela de la Cruz won the class but her physique looked very similar to third place Lily Esparza and fourth place Cecilia Villaseñor. Each of these 3 competitors had strong and weak points all 3 had good tans but in the end it seems that Rosa Isela´s posing showcased her physique best. Lily Esparza could easily have won the show as well and thus has the potential to win a similar show if she does her homework. Karla Sanchez took second place which was confusing to the audience in hand, given that her physique was neither not muscular, or symmetric or lean. Her posing and stage presence was definitely better than some of the girls in that class but not to the point that she should have placed second.

Going into Class C there were only 3 competitors the race would be between Angie Padilla and Olga Reyna. Angie Padilla had a large portion of the crowd cheering for her and after having taken her class at Nationals in San Luis Potosi it seemed that Angie would win it. But this time the judges awarded first place to Olga´s leaner and more balanced physique. For the first time the crowd cheered on the judges, yelling repeatedly "the judges are fair, the judges are fair". Onto the overall Consuelo Rojas clearly took the show, given her the chance to compete at the Excalibur with an all expenses paid trip.

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