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by Juan Carlos Lope

Video Interview with Cover Model and 2012 Rockstar Bikini Winner Ashley Kaltwasser

20 Questions with Cover Model and 2012 Rockstar Bikini Winner Ashley Kaltwasser

Ashley Kaltwasser, Arlin Rodriguez, Darlene Escano, Desiree Larios, Elena Seiple

Interview with Pro Bodybuilder Debi Laszewski

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Angela Tardiff

Product of the Month
by Heather Hirmer

Video Interview with Italian Figure Pro Cristiana Casoni and Valentina Mazzola


Interview with Pro Bodybuilder Debi Laszewski

Debi Laszewski

1. How do you control stress and what situations in the past have caused enough stress to put strain on your contest prep?

Stress is something everyone has to deal with at times, an I have had my share. Since I was at a young age of 21 when i started training, I went through every type of stress. Relationship, divorce, personal identity, family stresses, injuries, to name a few. So I am no different than anyone else.  But the one thing I have taken from that is that I kept that vision alive, of one day being on the Olympia stage. Yes, it came true,  along with being one of the best bodybuilders in the world today. I have always believed that I could one day make a difference to others and kept my eyes set straight ahead without deviation that would have ended my dreams.

2. How do you choose a potential mate while competing at such high levels in bodybuilding that won't cause any stress.

 Well you need to choose a few duds at first to appreciate when the right one comes along. For me, i dont believe you can be as successful or stress free by being with a competitor, now there are some people that do it without any problems, but i must say it clearly is not the majority. Fortunately for me, I have someone in my life that is confident and secure, which allows me to be an individual and very successful.

3. How do you make a living being a female bodybuilder?

I use my brand that I have created to market myself as much as i have the time to do. I run a very successful training business thats extends global, along with a web-site that builds my brand and of course placing high in shows will bring you sponsors, a few of mine are, Protan and Ironville Clothing and a future nutrition sponsor is in discussions right now.

4. How do people around you perceive you in regards to bodybuilding?

I really only pay attention to positive responses, because in the large spectrum it doesnt really matter what people think. If you are good with what you are doing as a person morally and ethically, the rest are personal opinions. Own who you are.

5. You are a personal trainer so tell us what does your business focus on specifically?

Yes, I have my own training business and the majority of the niche I have are atheletes of all kinds. I work with many people on contest prep, even have a client that competes nationally in South Africa. I am a very detailed trainer and focus on specific training and of course a stickler on nutrition. Living your life disciplined is the only way to get results.

6. You have modeled before many years ago, how did you get in to the modeling aspect of female bodybuilding?

In my younger years :-) , i was a local model and did photoshoots for catalogs and fashion shows in the mall. I had alot of fun doing it, it taught me how to do makeup and hair and photo movement. So when i started competing nationally in bodybuilding, I had many photographers that wanted to shoot me, Steve Wennerstrom was the first and is still my friend and mentor today.  Because of my experience with modeling it was very natural for me.

Debi Laszewski

7. What do we need to do in order to keep the female bodybuilding alive?

I believe womens bodybuilding will always remain alive to a certain extent because, simply there are fans who love it!  Right now, I dont beleive its going anywhere, it brings in money and that simply will keep it going.  Women bodybuilders have definately focused more on creating a more feminine package today and I feel that has helped greatly.

8. What is your future in this industry, more competitions until when? Keeping yourself in the industry? Judge? Suit Maker?

I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon, I have quite a bit of momentum going right now. But i will retire when i feel its time. I hope to always be a part of this industry in one way or another. I want to leave my mark in many ways and hopefully inspire many women.

9. This industry is not the most professional what do you think could be changed in order for it to be more professional and generate more money.

My upbringing was in a family that ran a world wide business,so I was around the business mind and drive to be very successful, which they were. These character traits were instilled in me daily, along with spiritual discipline. I love having my own business and helping others, its very fulfilling. I work at marketing my brand and maximizing what Ido in this industry for myself.

10. What should a competitor's behavior be like back stage?

Well I have been priveledged to see the worse backstage, :-).  Cat fats occasionally happen but they are far and few between, in one instance I did calm two girls and reflect at how crazy some people can be.  For the most, everyone remains friendly, but competitive.  At the end of the day we are all in this together!



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