Issue #87


by Juan Carlos Lope

Video Interview with HardFitness
Sponsored Athlete Mabel Gonzalez

20 Questions with Cover Model Laurie Tanner

Video Interview with Cover Model Laurie Tanner

Laurie Tanner, Tammy Bleile, Amanda Iannelli, Angela Kirkland & Zarah Pacheco

Video Interview with Amateur Bodybuilder Christine Zadel

Product of the Month
by Heather Hirmer


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Arnold Classic booth was great, thx to all the women that worked the booth. Mabel Gonzalez, Ana Sanchez, Spring Moose, Lindsay Mulinazzi and Amanda Hatfield. Olympia is next and should also be a great expo. We are booking shoots now for the next calendar so make sure you book your shoot if you think you have a great look. Some of the models in the calendar will be surely selected to work booth.


There has been a lot of talk regarding what they want in this division. It seems judging has been all over the place in figure, bikini and even at times in women's bodybuilding. All federations want to generate money so they will angle their results and judging to what makes them money. Bikini for example is the biggest money maker, most marketable and also the one that has the least set criteria. You could say the hottest girl wins but it can be all dependant on who is who. Judging is not an exact sport and if you add the human variable it will get even worse.

The pro physique look is a softer a tad more muscled up figure competitor without heels. You could say 4 weeks out, 20% more muscle figure competitor. Figure can be leaner and come in very flat (no carbing up) and still look less veiny and ripped but for physique they want them looking softer and a bit bigger.

The prep for such physique will involve less diet and less training in the gym for the more muscular body type. Not sure this sounds like hard core training but it is what many competitors will do.


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