Issue #84


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Mabel Gonzalez

Video Interview with Cover Model Mabel Gonzalez

Mabel Gonzalez, April Botelho, Betsy Wood, Christine Kluger & Desiree Larios

Video Interview with Amateur Bodybuilding Lisa Davila

Hustlin' with Heather: Top 5 Things a Competitor Needs

Video Interview with Amateur Physique Stephanie Wright


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Free Arnold 2012 trip!

Yes you heard it wright, HardFitness is giving away a free trip to the Arnold. Together with www.fitbodyexpert.com we are creating a unique opportunity to work our booth at the 2012 Arnold Classic. Go to www.fitbodyexpert.com and sign up as a model. Upload a profile image and create some new galleries. If you have any videos to upload that will also be great.

Basically we want the best at the Arnold, someone who can attract fans to our booth. FitBodyExpert.com is designed to create or improve your fan base. This is crucial in sales at any booth and overall traffic.

So get on it prospective models, no one else is giving you this chance. There is no silly voting like other contests this is very different and yes it is hard work. But worth your time and effort.

Email me to jc@hardfitness.com if you would like more info.


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